celeron processor on a pentium board???

  paddyboy1980 12:23 16 Mar 2003

Hi i would like to upgrade my motherboard but keep my celeron chip until i can afford to splash out on a new cpu. Does anyone know of any boards that are compatable, i would like to upgrade to p4 2.4 at least
any help would be apperciated..

  paddyboy1980 12:25 16 Mar 2003

if it makes any difference the chip os a 600mhz

  he he :-)™ 12:33 16 Mar 2003

They keep changing the socket so i'm not sure.

  DieSse 14:25 16 Mar 2003

No you cannot do this - the sockets are entirely different, as these two processors are from different generations of design.

  Stuartli 14:57 16 Mar 2003

I'm presuming you have a Socket 370 Celeron. As a temporary measure why not use a PentiumIII (perhaps one with a riser) from, say a computer fair cheap, in your current board until you can afford a new mobo and CPU?

This is the Intel info on the riser:

click here

and for the PentiumIII:

click here&

I seem to remember that the earier PentiumIIIs was also available with the FPGA fitting, but a Slot1 adapter for Socket 370 would widen the choice.

  DieSse 16:01 16 Mar 2003

Your current Celeron is virtually certainly in a Socket 370 - so the risers, or adapters that Stuartli mentions are not for your motherboard.

There is some merit in the suggestion to upgrade the processsor on your current motherboard however. But we will need to know the exact make and model number to advise on what is possible. upgarding to a faster PIII would certainly improve you systems performance, as long as the upgarde was a reasonably good step.

Another approach is to get your new motherboard, but make do with, say, a Celeron 2GHz for now. these new Celerons are P4 chips, and so fit in the same motherboards and have significantly improved performance - but are much cheaper than a full P4. Be aware however that this will also involve RAM and Power Supply upgrades too.

In the long run, the best sense is to swap the whole tower - then at least you have something viable to sell to recoup some of your costs.

  DieSse 16:03 16 Mar 2003

upgarde???? - got mixamafingers again!!

  paddyboy1980 09:45 19 Mar 2003

Thanks for the info from you, im now thinkin i might be just as well to sell what ive got and start scratch. if anyone knows any cheaps component sellers could you please forward the adresses to me at [email protected]

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