Celeron or Pentium 4

  katswhiskers 09:43 13 Oct 2004

I don't have much to spend on a new laptop and am therefore considering Intel Celeron. Mr friends say not to. I'd use it for the net, word processing, web cam. and maybe, downloading music.

What would I be losing out on with a celeron? Would XP run as well? Would I be restricted with what programmes I could run? Would it just be slower?


  D G 09:46 13 Oct 2004

I have a celeron in my dell pc and it runs xp no problems, I don't know about laptops. DG

  Stuartli 10:21 13 Oct 2004

The Pentium 4 is way ahead for choice but, unless you are into extensive video editing and similar, the Celeron will suit basic requirements.

  Stuartli 10:22 13 Oct 2004

What about an Athlon (AMD) equivalent to the Pentium?

  no-name 10:42 13 Oct 2004

katswhiskers Comet click here are doing a good deal for a Pentium 4 laptop.

As Stuartli says it will also be OK if you progress into video editing.

  katswhiskers 11:59 16 Oct 2004

Thanks everyone.

What would the AMD equivalent to P4 2.8 be?

No-name - that link you gave was very helpful. Looks like a good deal. I had ruled out Acer at one point, but am now considering them again - especially as their 3 year C & R Warranty is only £70!

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