.CDX files

  rawprawn 13:06 06 Apr 2008

My friends computer motherboard died, and he is trying to get his old photos from the old HDD. he has it connected using a caddy but he has found that most of the photos are .CDX Files, and he can't open or transfer them.
He has no idea how they became this format and says that they were saved as normal into "My Pictures"
He is not good with computers and I cannot see the machine, has anyone any ideas?
Thank you Rawprawn.

  VoG II 13:18 06 Apr 2008

Corel Draw compressed drawing? click here

  rawprawn 13:26 06 Apr 2008

Hi VoG™, I'm not sure that I understand,if we scan his old hdd for errors in .cdx
will that fix them? In your link it suggests deleting them and reindex but we can't do that.

  rawprawn 13:29 06 Apr 2008

Also there is a program called FoxPro, but he insists he just used ordinary transfer ti My Pictures

  rawprawn 13:30 06 Apr 2008

Could something like drive rescue pull them back?

  VoG II 13:31 06 Apr 2008

No, I didn't mean to suggest that. From my link (scroll down a bit), Corel Draw seems to me the only program likely to open them.

  rawprawn 13:40 06 Apr 2008

OK Thanks VoG™, I will see if I can use it to open them when I get chance to connect his old HDD to my computer.
I still don't understand how, what should be an ordinary JPEG file changed to cdx

  octal 13:47 06 Apr 2008

You could use a Linux live CD to transfer them.

  rawprawn 14:03 06 Apr 2008

Could you expand on that please, I know nothing about Linux except that is an alternative OS.

  octal 14:18 06 Apr 2008

Oh, sorry. Nearly all the Linux distributions will run either from the CD or from memory which will allow you access to the hard drive and move or copy the files across and Linux won't care what the files are. I suggest trying Puppy Linux, it's very small to download and run from memory. click here of course, if your friend isn't too versed in computers it might be a bad idea to use the Linux route, it was just me thinking out allowed.

Just one thing that is confusing me at the moment, if the motherboard is dead, how is he reading the files in the caddy? Or is it connected to another computer?

  rawprawn 14:44 06 Apr 2008

He has bought a new computer and he is trying to rescue all his files from the old HDD, but these photos are causing a problem.
OK, so if I download this and burn it to CD, what then. Do I boot from cd and then try to look at his old HDD from there?

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