Cd's..why copy to HDD first?

  Magik ®© 19:00 22 Jun 2003

just seen in Roxio software, that it asks if you want to copy them to the HDD first, before it burns them....why would one do that, instead of putting them straight onto the CD....thanks

  Smiler 19:06 22 Jun 2003

Unless you have two cd rw or one cd rw & one cd reader it is necessary for the program to create an image of the original cd to hard disk before it can burn it to a cdr or cdrw

  DieSse 19:06 22 Jun 2003

In order to sucessfully burn a CD, you must supply data to it in a continuous, unbroken stream, so that the burning process may operate contiuously and uninterruptibly. If you do that from a CD, not only may the CD not be fast enough to do so, but a simple read error/error correction routine may slow it down. Also any background tasks, such as AV checking, add to the overhead whilst getting the data to the CD-Writer.

Now that we have "burn-proof" CD-Writers, that do allow CD-writing to stop and start, the situation is better, but still not perfect.

  Patr100 19:07 22 Jun 2003

If you have a lower spec PC it can be more reliable/stable/faster to copy from HD to CD rahter than between two removable drive, s it were.

  ton 19:08 22 Jun 2003

It is a safer and more reliable way to do it.

  billyliv 19:09 22 Jun 2003

Hi, If you want more than one copy it is a lot quicker burning from a drive image. Cheers, Bill

  leo49 19:11 22 Jun 2003

Doesn't everybody do this as a matter of course? If you don't you've no control at all over the end product. Moreover if you're compiling a CD with odd tracks from a dozen CDs it's the only sensible way to do it.


  Magik ®© 19:20 22 Jun 2003

thank you all very much, as for the "dont we all do it as a matter of course" :-)) i have only just seen it, mind you i have only had the PC for two years, shame eh.........

anyway thanks again, now i know...

  leo49 19:24 22 Jun 2003

Only pulling your leg,Ron... :o)

  Magik ®© 19:31 22 Jun 2003

I take it you are well Leo.....


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