cds won't eject

  concise 23:05 26 Jul 2004

Dell Dimension XPS R400. Roxio Easy CD Creator and Direct CD Format, V5.3.1.154 SP4.
CDs created using the above have suddenly stopped ejecting. Nothing short of shutting down and restarting will shift them. Other CDs are fine.
Have I done something dim? If so how do I rectify it please?

  mulva42 23:08 26 Jul 2004

I take it you have tried your settings in Roxio Easy CD Creator and Direct CD to see what the pc wants to do with the cd after it's burned? if not try that..

  chugby 23:20 26 Jul 2004

could be the Direct CD causing problems see click here

could try right clicking drive in explorer and hitting eject from there.

  mulva42 23:33 26 Jul 2004

If you get to a point that you may think it's the drive itself go to link click here

  Eric10 10:57 27 Jul 2004

I haven't used Direct CD but I used to use InCD which is Nero's packet writing software. If the problem only occurs with rewritable CDs then it could be caused by the software locking the CD tray. The correct way to eject the CD was to right-click the InCD icon in the status area at the right of the taskbar and choose Eject from there. Direct CD will probably have its own icon there.

  sattman 11:05 27 Jul 2004

I take it that right click and eject, the drive in use, in explorer does not work either

  Stuartli 11:14 27 Jul 2004

Nero controls the operation of the drive(s) and I presume Roxio does the same (that's why you have to disable AutoPlay).

As sattman suggests, have you tried right clicking on the drive in My Computer and selecting Eject from the menu?

By the way, for some reason known only to Windows, my D and E drives work in reverse. Do an eject for D and E opens and vice versa.....

Yet when using Nero the entire operation goes perfectly smoothly.

  concise 23:58 27 Jul 2004

Thank you for all your input. Am away from the pc for a couple of days then will work through your advice and report back.


  concise 19:59 30 Jul 2004

Prepared to follow the above advice but it now appears to be working again.

  Wak 20:28 30 Jul 2004

If a CD drawer won't open or a disc gets jammed then look on the front of the drawer and find a small hole (about 1 mm across).
Straighten a paper clip and push it into the hole. This will open the drawer and the hole is particularly for this purpose.
It will at least stop you from shutting down and restarting!!!

  concise 00:16 31 Jul 2004

Thanks Wak. Yes I had done this once or twice but under protest as it were. I'm now wondering if I had a rogue CD but am not that knowledgeable about the subject. However at the moment it seems to have resolved itself.

Thanks again to everyone who responded.

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