CDs to MP3 or IPod?

  Cymro. 12:25 21 Nov 2009

I was thinking of getting my wife a Sony MP3 player or possibly the IPod or something similar. She has been using a portable CD player for the past few years and so built up a colection of CDs.

I was thinking that I would transfer these on to the new gadget hence the MP3 or the IPod etc. I am new to such things and so have been reading up on them. From what I understand you can transfer CDs to these gadgets but there is a problem that some CDs are protected from coping and so would not work on these newer portable devices.

I have no wish to buy tracks via such places as the Apple site just transfer the CDs we already have. Will I be able to do so or are most CDs protected against me doing so.

Any advice welcome. The husbands among you will appreciate the problem of what to buy the wife for Christmas.

  canarieslover 13:03 21 Nov 2009

First you will need to rip files to mp3 format. You can use Windows Media Player to do this. In Media Player select Tools, Options and there is a tab for Rip Music. For most compatibility select mp3 from menu and no less than 128kbps for quality, any less and sound starts to degrade quite a lot. You can select a folder that you want the files burnt to and also the format for naming files. Windows Media Player will also connect to the web to pick up data for naming the tracks on the album. This saves you from having to input details yourself.

  Cymro. 13:10 21 Nov 2009

Right then so far so good
but what about this business of if the CDs are protected from coping on to portable players and any suggestions as to which player to buy, Sonny, Apple or whatever.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:43 21 Nov 2009

The majority of CDs can be ripped easily.
Its downloaded tracks that are DRM protected from copying to other players.

The only CDs that I have not been able to transfer as MP3 to my PC are those that have a "Video" as the first track.

Get a portable player with plenty of space, consider ease of use of the controls and maybe screen size if eyesight not so good.

By the way there is no such thing as a "Woman who has everything" they never appear to have enough shoes or handbags.


  Cymro. 13:53 21 Nov 2009

So all I need to find out now is which one to buy.
The Ipod Shuffle or the Sonny Walkman seem to be top sellers. Anybody have a link to an independent review?

After over thirty years of marriage I have bought her just about every Christmas gift imaginable and am now only too glad that she has suggested something herself.

  canarieslover 15:32 21 Nov 2009

Personally I have always used Creative mp3 players but if you will eventually go down the route of wanting a speaker pod etc. then probably the iPod is the way to go. It also has the advantage of being the'in' accessory. I have never liked iTunes on a PC as twice I have had to reformat just to get rid of it as I do not like a program that dictates the way I have to work. There are CD's around that rely on the 'error correction' facilities that are built into a CD player. These will not play in the CD that is used in a PC as this does not use 'error correction' which would alter data flow to the PC if a sector could not be read first time. Not the sort of thing you want when installing a program!! I believe there were programs available to get round that protection but as that system was dropped several years ago I doubt that they are still available.

  eysha 16:01 21 Nov 2009

Isn't there a free programme that converts from one mode to the other? I seem to remember one but not it's name. I think it also converted the protected CD's too to MP3's.
Anyone know of such a programme?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:03 21 Nov 2009

Battery life is important I hate it when my cheapo player dies after 2 hours (usually while I'm still waiting for my plane).

  canarieslover 09:57 22 Nov 2009

I forgot. To enable higher rate recording for mp3 you will probably need to install this codec. click here

  Cymro. 10:28 22 Nov 2009

I will let this one run for a while as I think others may be thinking of something similar for Christmas. I go shopping on Monday so will have made up my mind by then, Apple or Sonny unless someone has even another choice for me to ponder over. I now wonder if I should have started this in Consumer Watch?

  Cymro. 12:30 27 Nov 2009

I ended up buying the IPod Shuffle although I must admit I don`t very much like Apple or their ITunes. Windows Media Player seems so much simpler and easier to use and I already had that on my system.

ITunes is like many IT things over engineered with many more functions than I will ever need or use. ITunes Radio, ITunes Films etc. are things that I will never use.

What made me choose the IPod in the end was that my son told me it was easier to use than the usual MP3 Player. The wife is far from computer savvy so as the IPod Shuffle is indeed easy to use with no added unnecessary gadgets such as radio or voice recorder I bought it.

I have loaded it up with her favourite CDs and all that I have to do now is teach her to use it, (yes I know teaching a wife has it`s risks) and also warn her not to loose it, have you seen the size of the new IPod Shuffle?

Hope you all got on well with buying Christmas gifts for your partners.

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