Cd's > 700MB

  poogles_uk 10:26 19 Apr 2004

Where can i find CD's that are more than 700mb, 750 would be about right.

  sil_ver 10:29 19 Apr 2004
  poogles_uk 10:37 19 Apr 2004

I only want a max of 10, any uk suppliers or shops i can get them from

  Eric10 10:40 19 Apr 2004

Just be aware that not all CD Burners can handle 90 minute CDs and not all CD readers can read them.

  poogles_uk 10:50 19 Apr 2004

Oh, Hmmmmmm. My copy of nero probably wont as it is old. But i have a new copy of Pinnacle instant cd/dvd 8 or something, new from cCL, so that should i think. I have a mitsumi drive about 2 years old

  poogles_uk 10:54 19 Apr 2004

I can't find anything saying not on the mitsumi site

  poogles_uk 10:58 19 Apr 2004

Where can i buy them then?

  Stuartli 11:13 19 Apr 2004

They are usually available at click here but this excellent retailer is out of stock at present:

click here

That's of no use to you obviously, but there are some here:

click here

No doubt others will come up with further suggestions.

  computernerdiamnot 11:44 19 Apr 2004

try this link click here

  Totally-braindead 11:49 19 Apr 2004

80 minutes are 700mb he wants larger capacity disks.

  Totally-braindead 11:55 19 Apr 2004

Try click here just had a look and they do them

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