cdrw will not record

  iqs 12:19 29 Aug 2006

Help with friends PC please.

Hi,When you right click on a folder you have the option send to.For some unknown reason the listing for my cdrw is missing.The drive works as normal,play and eject etc,but it will not record.The cdrw is listed via my computer.The computer is a Packard Bell with WIN XP.Many thanks,Mike

  pb457 12:27 29 Aug 2006

I had the same problem a while back, do you have 2 CD drives in the computer. What i found out is that the headers on the back of the CD drives need to be set up as master and slave, and make sure that the top CD drive is master and the second is slave, then this configuration should work. I may be wrong, but this confused my computer and from time to time it wouldnt recognise the drives.

  BRYNIT 13:29 29 Aug 2006

If you are using windows to write to CD's and have enable recording on this drive selected under drive/properties/recording it should show.

If this is disabled due to using a program like Nero it will not show when you right click on a folder and go to option send to.

  iqs 13:51 29 Aug 2006

Hi,The drives are set correctly,slave and master.When you access properties there is no toolbar option for recording?.Thanks for your help/Cherrs,Mike

  JoeC 13:55 29 Aug 2006

simply that if you right click a file, the option to "send to CDrw" is not being shown?
If so, add the CDrw drive to the "send to" folder in Windows. Firstly, highlight a folder and select Tools then Folder Options then View. Put a tick in "show hidden files and folders" or similar. Next click on Start then Search.Type in Sendto then Enter. You should then have a list of folders where Sendto is located. Highlight and select "Open containing folder" for user concerned. Sendto folder should be in there. I think it is then - select File, New and shortcut, then search for your CDrw drive and okay it.

  iqs 15:40 29 Aug 2006

Thanks JoeC for your help.We now have the cdrw listed in send to,but when accessed it states R:\ is not accessable incorrect function.


  iqs 16:43 29 Aug 2006


  BRYNIT 17:05 29 Aug 2006

What program are you using with your CDRW

You cannot send a folder directly to a CD unless you are using CD-WR disks that has been formated first.

If you are using the windows writing program this will only send the file to a folder to be recorded at a later time and not dirrectly to the disk. You must have enable recording on this drive selected under drive/properties/recording.

  iqs 17:26 29 Aug 2006

Hi BRYNIT.Thanks for the reply.We are trying to use XP's own burning software.Everytime we start the process the drive is not accessable to record to.
When you access the drive properties the recording option is still missing from the toolbar.Could this be the reason why as well?.Cheers

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:45 29 Aug 2006

Go to Start - settings -control panel -Admin Tools - Services.
Scroll down to IMAPI CD Burning and ensure that it is set to Automatic and Started.

  iqs 17:51 29 Aug 2006

Hi Fruit Bat/\0/\.Done as your suggested,no issues here.All ok.Many thanks for your help.Cheers

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