CDRW trouble

  Dr Grumps 09:15 06 Feb 2003

k, im having probs writing to cdrw's. The first time i write to them it is fine but then when i do a full erase of the CD it takes ages (ie gets to 100% and stays there for a while) and then when i try to rite to the cd again it comes up with burn process failed could not perform fixation.

im using win xp with nero the latest version. i have tried many cdrw's with an Acer CDRW 20x10x40

please help!


  €dstow 10:29 06 Feb 2003

This is of no real help to you whatever but, I feel that CDRWs are creations of the Devil. I will not permit them to be used in my studio following disasters involving the loss of data because the damned things decided that they didn't want to retain the information on them.

They are difficult to format, difficult to use and difficult (impossible) to read when they have been written on.

I wouldn't even use a CDRW as a bird scarer and certainly not as a coaster (probably make the glass leak).

As CDRs are so cheap now, you're probably just as well using them.


  Lozzy 10:48 06 Feb 2003

Get Easy CD Creator that will do the job.. nero is great for certain types of backups and Easy CD for others.. I have never had any bad CD'rs but I only use branded like TDK and Memorex..

  MAJ 10:51 06 Feb 2003

€dstow, speaks a lot of sense. I've given up on CD-RWs, they're just too unreliable and I certainly wouldn't trust any of my data to them. Use CD-Rs.

  MartinT-B 11:21 06 Feb 2003

I use Imation as the have a clean upper surface and the manufacturers logo doesn't 'shine through' the CD labels.

  Dr Grumps 13:23 06 Feb 2003

ok thanks for the input but none of the comments really solve or help me !
CDR's is not an option. Surely there is a reason for this problem occuring


  €dstow 13:49 06 Feb 2003

As I said at the start of my reply, it was of no real help but, considering what has been said, do you still feel it wise to pursue this route? I would NEVER write anything of even the most minimal value to a CDRW.

As an attempt to offer something positive, what program are you using to format/write/erase these things? There are two main ones - if you're using one, try the other but don't have them both installed at the same time without some gizmo that stops them conflicting (available on the Nero site).


  Old PC man 13:53 06 Feb 2003

Beats me why you're trying to use CDRW as a temporary storage medium. If you're going to store and erase info regularly, maybe you'd be better off with and external HDD.

  Old PC man 13:56 06 Feb 2003

should say "better off with AN external HDD"

Doh!!! John /#))

  Stuartli 14:28 06 Feb 2003

Why not use CD-Rs in multisession form?

Their superior reflectivity over CD-RW media virtually eliminates the potential of a drive being unable to read them, whilst they are cheap enough to throw away afterwards unless you are doing backups.

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