CDRW problem

  mikegm7 18:54 01 Jul 2004

When I place a blank disc (or disc with a program to instal from it) into the tray, I am getting the message 'insert cd into drive'but its in there. It will not play a music cd either under media player. In yet when a music DVD is run, it plays. What's going on here. The system is about 5 years old and running ME. Thanks.

  Totally-braindead 19:00 01 Jul 2004

A little bit confused here mate, you describe it as a CDRW problem then say it plays DVDs but won't play cds so it must be a cdrw/dvd. If that is correct and it plays dvds but not cds(and I'm talking about originals not copies) then it means your laser for the cd part of the drive is on the fritz, cleaning it may help otherwise a new drive is needed. dvd computer drives have 2 lasers one for the cd and one for the dvd.

  PA28 19:14 01 Jul 2004

I presume that if it's 5 years old it's not a DVD player at all. And if it's a CD-RW it must be virtually obsolete by current standards. CD-RWs can be bought for around the £20 mark now, so it might be worth just replacing it rather than messing around. If you want to mess around, suggest that you check Device Manager to make sure there's no nasty ! or ? around and the ting's actually picked up on the system. Check leads are secure and that the pins are set to Master if it's on its' own IDE cable. As Totally-braindead says, a clean may be all that it needs - personally I'd go for the second option and replace it.

  mikegm7 19:21 01 Jul 2004

This machine is a friends, so you're probably right. I wasn't aware there were two lasers. But this could well be the problem as the machine is 5 years old and has had a fair bit of use. Thanks.

  mikegm7 19:30 01 Jul 2004

Thanks to you both, I think his unit has had it...time for a new one!

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