CDrw not working

  WtheM 09:56 06 Nov 2005

Hi, i have tried without success to install a new sound card. Now my sony cdrw will not work. In hardware there's a little yellow circle with a black exclamation mark in it, and hardware wizard says the driver may be missing. I have no internet connection on this computer so how can I get a new driver into it? Thanks.

  Splork 10:43 06 Nov 2005

Does it give an error number or code?

  jack 10:54 06 Nov 2005

More detail on the computer and operating system would be of use.
THe CD driver -' Oak Technology' is useually built in to the O/S there days, but also exists in a Win 98
boot disk for example.
Failing that establish the make model of drive in question and get onto a PC with Web connection [ The one you sent this in for example] and down load driver and put onto a floppy . Then transfer to the machine in question.
More over you could also try the install new hardware and select 'From list'- you may find it there.

  Stuartli 11:40 06 Nov 2005

Your Sony CD-RW rewriter only needs, as with such optical drives, the basic Windows CDROM driver.

This is installed automatically when a drive is added to a system.

Try Removing the drive in Device Manager and then rebooting - it usually cures this problem.

  Stuartli 11:41 06 Nov 2005

If you have been trying to install a soundcard, it could be that you have disturbed/dislodged the leads and cables to your rewriter; check that they are firming connected.

  Stuartli 11:42 06 Nov 2005

..firmly connected...:-)

  WtheM 13:30 06 Nov 2005

Thanks everybody, took the cdrw apart and its now working again. It appears to be the new s/card thats messing things up. Soon as i put it in, the system goes haywire. Its a genius sound maker value 5;1 from ccl. Im running xp by the way.

  WtheM 13:36 06 Nov 2005

Sorry, and i've been left with an error in bios. If i go into power/power up control/wake on usb for str state, item specific help is saying (in red) enter to select whether or not to wake up from suspend to ram or power up from soft off by usb device. Any ideas?

  Stuartli 15:28 06 Nov 2005

The former would appear to be the better option as you can configure it when woken to undertake tasks.

However, if the power supply is interrupted, you will lose any data not saved and a reboot will take place.

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