CDRW format not 700Mb?

  morris948 20:45 05 Nov 2004

I have a CDRW drive rated at 52X32X52 and when i format CDRW using 700Mb Verbatim 32X write media, i only get 539 Mbytes when i view the disk properties.

I tried formating the same media in my DVD RW drive 48X24x48 and got 565 Mbytes.

I cannot control the write speed in Nero 6.3 InCD program, only can change the read speed.

What is going on here? where is my missing Mbytes!!

  Gongoozler 21:01 05 Nov 2004

Hi morris948. I think the lost Megabytes are due to the formatting trying to make the CD behave like a large floppy disk. Regarding InCD, have a look at this earlier posting:
click here

  gadanga 21:11 05 Nov 2004

I had similar experience.
It appear that when you format a cr-RW usin InCD, you just over 500mb of storage. I think InCd uses the rest to give you the "floppy disk" like drag & drop / delete functionality.
If you use win XP "erase this disk", then you get arount 700mb of storage. In this situation you won't be able to delete selected files only erase the whole disk or add new files.
Very confusing!!

  morris948 22:02 05 Nov 2004

Thanks for this information, it is indeed very confusing.
I found that if i disable the mount rainier format i can get up to 573 Mbytes, that explains why my DVD RW drive formatted differently, because it does not support this function.

Oh well ! i just have to put up with knowing that i can only backup 500 Mb per disk.
It would have been nice if disk manufacturers printed 'UP TO 700 Mb' on the disks.

I wonder if trading standards have got wind of this.

  Salinger 22:08 05 Nov 2004

Why on earth would Trading Standards have the slightest interest? If you Format a 20Gb HDD do you get 20Gb of usable space? If you do not format the RW disc you can use 700Mb.

  jimv7 22:16 05 Nov 2004

A cdrw disk is not exactly a safe medium to store backups on, you would be better off using cdr.

  Rtus 22:18 05 Nov 2004

Its normal for CDR media to give 650/700.depending on the overwrite capabilities of the drive & media brand, However CDRW discs when formatted give 530 mb maximum in general
Write speed is different in CDRW (rewritable media) and generally more choice in range settings in CDR media.

  woodchip 22:35 05 Nov 2004

The only way you will use the full 650 or 700Mb is to use NERO and write the disc all in one go. As if you keep adding to a Disc In NERO it works out something like using InCD each time you write to the disc it does a lead in lead out write so it knows where the info is on the disc. So all that takes extra room from your Disc. Not just the files

  morris948 20:08 10 Nov 2004

I asked this question because my other installed drive is a DVD RW and when i use InCD to format a 4.7GB disk, i get 4.37Gb which is perfectly acceptable as this equates to 4.7 Gbits, and i can drag and drop and delete files just like a floppy.

But why the CD RW disk InCD formats at 539 Mbytes, as this equates to 565 Mbits is a mystery.

Hence the missing 145 Mb.

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