cdrw drive plays mp3s but not ordinary cds-why?

  holly polly 23:06 01 May 2004

hi cdrw will play mp3s ok audio ok ,however when i play a ordinary cd the file plays but no audio ,as said before mp3s fine and all apps load ok -the other drive a creative dvd rom works fine so it isnt a codec problem ,inclined to believe the cdrw is bust ,what do you think?-regards -hol pol....

  Dan the Confused 23:12 01 May 2004

Is the analogue lead from the CD-RW connected to your sound card properly?

  holly polly 23:17 01 May 2004

its gotta be or the mp3s that i have on cd wouldnt play would they?

  Dan the Confused 23:21 01 May 2004

mp3s are in digital format, it's not an area I know much about though. Did you recently install the CD-RW, or has it just suddenly stopped working?

  holly polly 23:26 01 May 2004

no the cdrw has been installed around 7 months ,when i try playing a cd i get a error message saying windows media player has encounted a problem trying to play the file in didgital try analouge i click yes and then all the files turn red and i am told problem with media device ,what do you say -broke?-hol pol....

  Dan the Confused 23:35 01 May 2004

Hmmm...if it's happened all of a sudden it means it's either the CD-RW or a software problem, difficult to say. Have you tried another player like Real or Winamp? Also, there is software that can test if hardware devices are working properly (I use Norton Systemworks that can do it).

There are plenty of programs around that can test if hardware is working properly, but I can't think of any at the mo except Norton :P)

Maybe another forum member can help you on this.

  holly polly 23:41 01 May 2004

drive started playing up about a week ago ,allready tried another media player -quicktime -cannot support file type ,thought it was a software problem so as the hdd was very cluttered i formatted the drive and reinstalled windows (me)-a bit of a lost now ,its gotta be the drive ,sounds silly dont it the ruddy thing plays mp3s ,iso apps ,but not cd -any more ideas anyone?

  holly polly 23:43 01 May 2004

going to turn in for the night ,will check in morning -regards-hol pol.....

  Dan the Confused 23:44 01 May 2004

Don't think Quicktime plays mp3s. Try downloading Winamp and see if that works.

  Dan the Confused 23:52 01 May 2004

Meant to say, I think Quicktime only plays movies (I'm tired too).

Winamp can be downloaded from click here

  holly polly 22:49 02 May 2004

found the problem the cd i was trying to play is copyright protected and so will not play ,took some working out though ,downloaded winamp ,havnt used it for years ,this one looks ok,so will give it a whirl -best regards Dan the Confused-holl poll....

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