CD/RW disc problem

  Rhuddlan 00:16 05 Jul 2004

I have written various items to a CD/RW disc, like pics and music etc. It took about 20 mins to write and ejected itself after it finished. Then I put the CD back into the drive to make sure that all the files had copied, but the CD icon in my comp wasn't changing, when I double click on it nothing happens and when I highlight it no details come up nor when I go to properties. It can't be empty beacuse I watched it copy thr files onto the CD. I have got windows xp home SP1, the cd drive is fine in device manager, I think the cd drive is a samsung, not sure what model though, I have never updated the drivers, as until now, I have had no major problems with it, any ideas? Regards, Rhuddlan.

  Lozzy 00:19 05 Jul 2004

What media disks did you use and what program did you use to write it? Also in what format did you use? ISO IFO which? as this is the area you issue lies in.

  Rhuddlan 00:29 05 Jul 2004

I used the xp's own cd writing wizard and the make of the disc is Memorex. Sorry but don't know much about format's, not sure on that one. But the cd drive icon has now dissapeared from my computer and windows explorer, I need all those files on the disc, I was putting them on there to keep, as I don't have them stored anyway else, so is there any chance of seeing them again, as they did write to the cd, regards, Rhuddlan.

  hugh-265156 00:44 05 Jul 2004

cdrw discs can give problems like this and are not as reliable for back up as cdr discs.

in the past when i have had similar problems it was with using an old combi drive along with very cheap cdr media. reducing the burn speed and branded discs worked ok for a while and then the drive stopped reading discs all together, even the good quality ones. replaced drive and all was well.

if it only happened with this disc and the rest of you cds can be read ok then you may just have a duff disc, bin it. if other discs are now playing up too and are of different brands its the drive at fault maybe.

  hugh-265156 00:50 05 Jul 2004

the original files will still be in the folder they were in before your copied them to disc.

'cd drive icon has now dissapeared from my computer and windows explorer' try restarting the computer and see if that helps maybe.

the cd drive should be listed in device manager, so after a restart if its not showing in my computer or explorer then look for it here and 'right click it/uninstall' then restart again and windows should find it. if it doesnt maybe the drive has died or you could have a faulty ide cable maybe.

  Rhuddlan 01:05 05 Jul 2004

Thanks for the help, got the files and copied them onto another cd/rw disc, regards, Rhuddlan.

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