NIGEY 18:20 01 Apr 2003

pleas note this is the second posting of this problem because the problem still exsists tried unistalling the cdrw in device manager and rebooting windows but no luck there so i ask for your help again.....hi yawl, can anyone shred any light on a bit of a prob im gettin, after upgrading from w98se to xp i kept the same old cdrw that came with the comp from new but the prob is it dont seem to see the blank cd in the tray... yet if i try to write to a blank disc from windows media player it writes to it no probs... ive tried nero (compatable with xp but it still tells me to insert blank media when its in there??? im runnin wxp home and an xp1800amd athlon with 120gbhd and nvidia-tnt gforce 4 128ddr graphics card everything else runs fine and dandy even the dvdrom i carried over from w98 xp just got them workin all on its own any pointers would be appreiciated oh the cdrw is a nec but even in device manager it dont knoe the manafacturer but windows media will convert mp3's to wav and write to it thanx all in advance nigey :-((((

  Dr Grumps 18:52 01 Apr 2003

have you checked out the NEC site to see if there are any compatiblity issues? with your drive, xp and nero? just a thought !

  rct 18:58 01 Apr 2003

Also check the NEC site or click here for a firmware update for your drive which may solve your problems. Also check click here for the latest versions of Burning ROM and InCD.

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