DutchD 19:32 26 Feb 2003

This is probabaly a simple question for most of you, but I would like to know what Cd's I would need for my CDRW I just bought. Its a freecom 24*10*40. Can I buy any CDR/RW or do they have to be compatible with 24*10*40

Much obliged

  -pops- 19:38 26 Feb 2003

Just buy any.

Expensive ones aren't necessarily better than "bargain" ones and you may find some brands don't work with your machine.

I always use the ones I can get on offer at Tesco (usually Memorex).

I don't recommend using CDRWs - many people, including me, find them unreliable, therefore useless


  « Ravin » 19:44 26 Feb 2003

not too sure about this but some cdrw's have a notation on them "for high speed drives only" stay away from them.

  -pops- 19:56 26 Feb 2003

Good point from « Ravin ».

As a rider to my comment about CDRWs; CDRs are so cheap now that it's not really worth while buying the rewritable type.


  Chaz2003 20:00 26 Feb 2003

it depends on what you are going to do with the CD if you are doing something for eg putting data onto a disk to take into work or onto another computer then CDRW disks are the best for that as you can delete the files on if.

But if you are wanting to burn music onto a CD the go for CDR. Your Cd ReWriter will have a burning speed on it like 16x 32x 48x whatever i just bye disks because say your Cd Re Writer had a speed of 48x if you bye CDR/CDRW at 32x it only takes anouther few minutes to burn.

P.S the speed your disk is and the speed of the Cd Re Writer does not effect the quility of the music if you are doing music.

  DutchD 22:29 26 Feb 2003

Thanks all

  DieSse 22:33 26 Feb 2003

All CD-R's are so cheap these days, that I only ever buy top quality.

  woodchip 22:40 26 Feb 2003

The thing is that if you want to run program's from the cd ie load program's onto cd you have to use cd rewrite disks so that your cpu can write information to the cd program has and when it needs to. I am running Netscape 7 from the cd rewrite at this moment that I am typing this response

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