qwesaws 06:46 09 May 2006

I`ve downloaded some photos from my camera and I would like to put them onto a cdrw for safe keeping I`ve tried 2 cdrw`s and I can one lot of photos on worth about 50mb but when I try to put more on It rejects the action and reads no free space when it has about 600mb of space.
I`ve tried using the Kodak program,Adobe program and transferring the photos to the hard drive and then putting them on the cdrw using CDburnerXP pro but Iget the same reaction.
Can someone tell me what`s going on and how to put it right please,

  The Old Mod 07:06 09 May 2006

Hi, I have not used cdburnerxp pro, but I guess what is happening is that you are finalising the disc. Before burning look to see if there is an option to create a multisession, which will enable you to keep adding files untill the disc is full. If you want to view the photos on another player other than your pc, then that is when you use the finalise disc option, hope this helps your problem.

  Totally-braindead 09:28 09 May 2006

I would agree with The Old Mod that sounds like what you are doing. I use Nero for doing this and have no knowledge of the other programs.
I would also say to you that using CDRW disks will not keep them safe they aren't stable enough. I've had 2 CDRW failures and now no longer use them. You are far better using a CDR and creating a multisession disk and just keep adding till its full, you can get thousands of photos on a disk anyway. If the photos are really important make 2 copies and check them both every few months to make sure they are ok. If one of them fails make another copy there and then.

  blackpat 09:41 09 May 2006

Hi all, I tried to get into my online credit card account this morning. I always check the site certicate before logging on, the gold padlock for checking the site is missing. I also tried my on line banking account (same company.) and it was the same there. I phoned the company and they tried from their end and said it was visable.
I deleted cookies a few days ago, I don't know if this would affect it. Any ideas?

  blackpat 09:43 09 May 2006

oooops so sorry, I was trying to post a new thread !!! DUH !!!!!

  Genius1 10:32 09 May 2006

For blackpat's thread, click here

  qwesaws 13:22 09 May 2006

I would use a cdr only problem is when I burn onto a cd from the kodak program I get all the photos as individuals but I want them in a folder so I have to go through a long winded process of ontocd/new folder/photos into folder/ folder to harddrive/erase cdrw/ folder to cd/ if anyone can suggest a better way which I believe they will I`d like to know.

  The Old Mod 16:50 09 May 2006

Hi again, I also agree with Totally brain dead that you would be better using cdrs, back in the old days when cdrs cost an arm and a leg, cdrws had some good points. Now cdrs are so cheap, I would use those. You would also be better off using Nero to burn with,you can make a new folder and save all of your pics to there and then burn with Nero. that's what I do and have many filled with my pics. Good luck.

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