cdrom will not play music

  weddie 17:08 04 May 2003

Hello everyone

I am having a problem with my cdrom It will work with software cds but when i try to play music cds my system just locks and i have to restart by using the reboot button any help is much appreciated

Thanks in advance


  hugh-265156 17:13 04 May 2003

reinstall the drive.first go to device manager click on the drive and remove.restart the computer and it will reinstall it.

  hugh-265156 17:18 04 May 2003

or without a disc in the drive right click it go to properties/autoplay from the drop down box select music cd and select a program to open with and tick the always use this box.

  weddie 15:11 06 May 2003

Hi Huggy71

thanks for your reponse
I have tried your suggestions but to no avail when i delete the cdeom from the computer and I restart the computer starts as normal with no detection of cdrom when i check to see if its back it is and still give me the same problem.
I tried the 2nd option by right clicking and went into properties and a window appeared informing me that my drive is full with 0bytes do you think that it is conflicting with something else? any more advise would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance


  hugh-265156 15:17 06 May 2003

it will say 0 because there is no disc look at the top of that for autoplay click on it then select music cd from the drop down box at the top then below choose a program to open with.

  weddie 15:31 06 May 2003

Hi Huggyg71
The window that it shows only says "General" there is no sign of the autoplay box the diagram shows 2 round disks 1 blue ad 1 pink and it says that they are both full I apologise for my ignorance but new to the game (does this make sense?) thanks


  hugh-265156 15:52 06 May 2003

might be different for yours but on mine blue is a representation of used space and pink free space left on the disc.insert a music cd.hold down shift while the cd is inserted and keep holding untill you hear the drive spin up and stop right click it and choose a program.

  hugh-265156 15:56 06 May 2003

can the computer play sounds ok?

  weddie 16:24 06 May 2003

Hi Huggyg71
Thanks for your help

I have tried your suggestion but as soon as the music disk starts to spin my system locks and I have to reboot again and go through scandisk Yes I do get sounds eg win start close etc and software disks can operate in the cdrom without any problems is there any way that a driver could be missing or am I clutching at straws? by the way my keyboard hasn't got a label shift key its fairly old is it the control key cos that is the one that I held down when doing as you suggested

thanks weddie

  hugh-265156 16:36 06 May 2003

it will have a ↑ symbol do you know the model of cd rom?

  tartanterror 17:02 06 May 2003

the "music cd's" are not protected are they?
alot of them state will not play on pc/mac

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