CDrom disk SHATTERED in drive

  AudioVic' 16:07 08 Mar 2003

I put the Comand and Conquer gold disc "Tiberian Sun" Allies into the drive and after a few minutes there was a very loud bang/crack.

I thought there was a problem with the electronics on the main board, etc.

Upon opening the CDrom drive the disc was shattered into hundreds of pieces. I dismantled the drive to remove the pieces and there was no damage to the drive itself. The Cds were not getting hot previously so I have elininated overheating.

Has anyone had a similar experience or any advice to give?

  Border View 16:21 08 Mar 2003

Dont know if this will help click here

Good luck

  Forum Editor 16:37 08 Mar 2003

but it does happen. CDs are produced by the million, and there are bound to be some that have manufacturing flaws. Modern CD drives spin the disk at a frightening speed, and the forces that work on the material are considerable.

Sometimes a wobble can be set up by a badly printed label - there may be slightly more ink in one part of it than everywhere else - and that's all it takes to set up a high speed 'flutter' that results in a shattered disk.

  Diemmess 16:43 08 Mar 2003

Saw a reference in a regular column in a recent computer magazine written by a system support engineer, where a whole batch of CDROMs he fitted, had this bad habit of breaking the CD.

In summary, this is rare but not unknown. I can't remember the make, but doubtless the manufacturer has changed things or gone out of business now!

  AudioVic' 17:00 08 Mar 2003

Barmoor plus Diemmess.

Thank you for your response. This has answered my question.

Luckilly upon opening the drive, there does not appear to be any damage, mechanically or electronically. It seams to be functioning ok too.

I hope not too many people experience this as it gives one quite a shock! It sounds as though the Pc is about to explode!

My poor old heart and palpitations Ha ha.

Thanks to all and

All the best to you!

  Stuartli 21:35 08 Mar 2003


click here

Plus part of a rewriter test:

First off, we used Nero's nifty little "InfoTool" to snag a quick description of the PX-W4824TU/SW (External) capabilities. For comparison, we have chosen to include the InfoTool reading that we obtained from the Plextor PX-W4824TA. As you can see there is no difference between the two drives besides the Firmware versions. The one thing that you may find a bit odd is the maximum read speed of both drives is reported as 40x. This is not a mistake, Plextor has set this as a "safety" measure to aid in excessive vibration and to limit the chance of CD's shattering when max read speeds are reached. But don't worry, you can override this and enable 48x read speeds, or "SpeedRead" as Plextor calls it. Simply press and hold the eject button for three seconds while inserting a CD into the drive (SpeedRead activation is indicated by the green light blinking 4 times).

(click here(2).shtml)

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