Chirag 00:07 18 Nov 2006

When my DVDRW drive stopped burning/reading CDs, I tried putting my old CDRewriter on the drive below (DVDROM) when I done so, I started the computer and after the bootup screen it said disk boot error, I put the DVDROM drive back on and still the same message appeared, then I had to reinstal windows xp again in order for it to work. I want to use my old CD Rewriter instead of my DVDRom drive, because my DVDRW drive can burn and read DVDs. Please can someone help me, thank you.

  lisa02 00:19 18 Nov 2006

You moved the CDRW onto the dvdrom ribbon. Did you change the Master/slave pin at the back? I think you might have caused a conflict.

Do you have 3 optical drives? CDRW, DVDROM and a DVDRW? If it is 3 I'd remove the CDRW.

Can you explain your set up. how many hard disks? and which share a ribbon?

  Chirag 00:23 18 Nov 2006

Hello, thanks for replying, I have 1 hard disk, 2 drives, at the top it is the DVDRW drive, and bottom is DVD rom, when my pc first came it was CDRW top and DVD rom bottom, but i replaced the CDRW with the DVDRW, but a few weeks ago the CDR laser in the DVDRW does not work, so I want to replace the DVDrom drive below with my old CDRW drive. Is that possible?

  Kev.Ifty 00:27 18 Nov 2006

Not 100% sure. It sounds like your PC is trying to boot from either you DVD or CD Drive.

Set your BIOS to boot from the hard drive. Then see if it can see the DVD/CD Drives in My Computer

  Stuartli 00:29 18 Nov 2006

Yes, so long as the old CD-RW drive is set as the Slave and the new rewriter as the Master.

You almost certainly didn't have to reinstall Windows - if you don't correctly configure one drive as the Master (usually a rewriter) and the second drive as Slave then one of the drives is not recognised.

  lisa02 00:32 18 Nov 2006

Yes, I understand now.

Just shut down, unplug from the mains and swap the drives over and make sure you set the Master/slave/CS pin at the back to the same setting as the drive your taking out.

XP should detect the change without you doing anything else.

  Chirag 00:35 18 Nov 2006

Oh so I just have to make sure the same pin goes to the same drive but just swap the position?

  lisa02 00:39 18 Nov 2006

On the back of the drive you take out you'll see a little plastic pin with M/S/CS above it. Just set the one you're putting in it's place to the same as it. Then just plug in the ribbon it'll only go one way, so there's no room for error there.

  Chirag 00:41 18 Nov 2006

but when I had done it I took out the DVD rom drive ribbon took the DVD rom drive out and put the CDRW drive in and connected the ribbon back. Was that correct?

  lisa02 00:47 18 Nov 2006

As long as the pin is set the same and you reconnected ribbon and power then you should be ok.

  lisa02 00:52 18 Nov 2006

click here

I just had a read through this and it's useful to keep as a reference in my opinion.


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