CDR says No Access :Read Only

  MajorRedAlert 19:28 10 Jan 2004

Hi Helproom,
Hope someone can help.Since restoring XP I've tried to open a backup CDR copy of some files and it won't let me, saying it's Read Only.

Thanx....The Major

  Indigo 1 19:39 10 Jan 2004

Undo the restore and check again

  ton 20:08 10 Jan 2004

A CDR will be read only as you can't re-write it.
You should still be able to copy the files to your PC.

  temp003 04:43 11 Jan 2004

As ton said, copy the file from CD-R to your PC, right click the PC copy, Properties, untick Read-Only, click OK.

  MajorRedAlert 11:42 12 Jan 2004

Thanks for the prompt replies - sorry I should have said - the CDR is actually a CD-RW - am I being particularly dense - thought it meant I could read and write onto it - or do I always have to copy it onto my hard drive before being able to work on anthing I have copied onto the disc? Also, I did a full system recovery, not a restore, so have wiped the drive clean.

  Tog 11:59 12 Jan 2004

AFAIK you have to have a utility like DirectCD running to be able to access CD-RW disks in that way.

  Smiler 12:37 12 Jan 2004

A CD-R disc is write once read many. A CD-RW can be written to the erased and written to again, this can be done many times. Or as Tog says you can use a program such as DirectCD to format the CD-RW disc and use it as a large floppy and add or remove files as necessary. Remember though that CD-RW is not a stable media and if you need to keep files for posterity burn the files to CR-R as a back up. If you change the file in the future you can burn it to another CD-R disc as the cost of these is now measured in pence it is the safest way to protect your files.

  MajorRedAlert 21:01 16 Jan 2004

Thanks all.So silly.Must save to hard drive.
Thank you for your help. The Major :)

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