CDR-RW Not Working

  aberfeldy 08:26 29 May 2004

I had just recorded a CD popped in a new blank CD (same brand as before)but the CDR-RW refused to read the CD. Have tried to see if it will read data/music Cds, no joy. Device manager reports that it is working properly. Is it just knackered or can anyone suggest anything else I can look at before looking to buy a replacement.

  Jakey boy 08:39 29 May 2004

aberfeldy, what make is the cdrw drive? And I take it you have re-booted etc, and tried again?

  aberfeldy 08:48 29 May 2004

it is a mitsumi CR-48XETE and yes I have re-booted and re-installed the drivers

  TomJerry 09:29 29 May 2004

Some packet writing program with some cd-writing software may cause trouble.

  aberfeldy 10:03 29 May 2004

No, I was using nero and it recorded the first Cd ok but then nothing. Just took out one CD and replaced it with another blank

  Totally-braindead 11:44 29 May 2004

If it won't read any disks at all then the problem is either the IDE cable is loose or faulty, unlikely in your case as you say the computer says its ok or its needing cleaned, you can buy a cd cleaner disk for about a fiver. If both these ideas failed then its dead and needs replaced, but the good news is you can get a new one for about £25 if this is the case. By the way I'm unsure if this is the case anymore but the cdwriter manufacturers did not recommend using cleaners on their drives but in your case it doesn't work anyway so you've nothing to lose and even if it doesn't work you can still use the cleaning disk on you hifi etc.

  Cuddles 14:12 29 May 2004

It sounds as though your laser has slipped, this can be repaired but normally costs more in labour than to buy another cdrw.

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