CDR not recognised by my P C

  jenmat 09:20 03 Mar 2004

CDR has been working fine up until the week end,now when i try to copy to it,the PC does recognise it,and says that i need the following drivers,CDRAL W2K.SYS,CDR4_2K.SYS,What are they,where can i get them from..

  johnnyrocker 09:40 03 Mar 2004

original install disk i suspect, what os? is sytem restore an option?


  JIM 09:42 03 Mar 2004

Have a look at the link for poss answer/related.

If you can re-check first to see if you changed anything on your system it may help.drivers/software that may have been download etc.If you have any creative software,or roxio,try for updating drivers/software.Or may need re-install of original software.Do a search on system for the files that are reportedly causing the problem,

click here;en-us;315345&Product=winxp

click here

  JIM 09:44 03 Mar 2004

copy paste,close up space for link.


  jenmat 10:00 03 Mar 2004

I am using xp home,the disc for my cdr was adaptec 4,for some reason it is not recognised by xp,saying it is out of date...

  johnnyrocker 10:29 03 Mar 2004

system restore?


  ventanas 10:42 03 Mar 2004

Is this EasyCD Creator v4. If so it will not work with XP. You need version 6 (or 5 with quite a large patch) for XP.

  jenmat 12:32 03 Mar 2004

it is Easy CD Creator v4,but it did work until the weekend,it is xp home OS.

  ventanas 12:47 03 Mar 2004

Can't explain that, shouldn't have worked at all. Roxio are very clear on that. A bit of a mystery here. Looks like XP has woken up to it.

Basically I think you do need to upgrade. Their site states that even trying to install XP with v5 installed will create error messages about unsupported drivers until the patch is applied click here for the info.

  ventanas 12:51 03 Mar 2004

I should add that I had v5 when I moved up to XP. After applying the patch it still didn't work and I had to buy v6.

By the way if you do decide to move up, search the roxio site for a utility called roxizap and run this after removing v4. It will get rid of any straggling bits.

  jenmat 08:19 05 Mar 2004

thanx to all for their help,problem solved i bought a new cd writer,it was getting too technical for me.....

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