russmini 21:49 12 Dec 2004

Ok, so another stupid question, CDR ? Do i take it that you can record to this and that is it, CD is then finished. But CDRW you can record then record (write) over that time and time again ?
Is it best to buy the correct one for a paticular job or just buy CDRW ?


  stalion 22:00 12 Dec 2004

Depends what you want to do CDRW you can overwrite many times as you have commented CDR you can only write once.If it is something you want to keep use CDR,if you are constantly going to change the content use CDRW.Best to buy some of each

  PSF 22:01 12 Dec 2004

Cdr's are cheap now if it goes wrong you can write another one.

You can make a multi-session cdr and keep and adding to it until it is full.

A CDRW is handy for testing to see if a program burns ok. It is claimed you can re-write them approx 1000 times. The dis-advantage of CDRW is not all players will read them eg car players.

  lixdexik 22:06 12 Dec 2004

It is as you say..Cd r can only be written on once.. that is to say that you can't update what is on the disc once written, BUT if you use the disc as a multi session disc you can add information to the cd. you can do this several times, but only to the limit of the discs capacity. Ie: if you first burn a 50mg file to the disc you can then burn another file or files later. you cant write over any existing file on the disc. With a disc you use it like a floppy disc or hard drive, rewriting/over writing hundreds of times.

A bit of a waffel but I hope it has helped.

Cheers Lixdexik

  lixdexik 22:08 12 Dec 2004


  russmini 22:08 12 Dec 2004

Mainly going to use it to store photo's, might edit these but suppose i could then save again to another CDR, which is more stable, i.e. won't hopefully lose irreplacible memories ?

  lixdexik 22:10 12 Dec 2004


  russmini 22:55 12 Dec 2004

thankyou all, lixdexic seems people type quicker than me as well, oh well.

Thankyou all..

Will mark with tick

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