CDR Burning's packed up

  gandalf241171 21:08 06 Feb 2003

I have lost ability to burn CDR's. Was using Nero 5.5.9.? when happened, Clone CD also packed up. Burning starts then hangs anywhere from 5% - 28%. Had PC for over 15 months and all been fine.
Upgraded Nero to which fixed but since packed up again.

All apps disabled to no avail. Seems like system hangs as hard disk runs none stop and can only fix by a 15 minute Windows shutdown or pull the plug.

Any thoughts ?


  muscic lover 21:59 06 Feb 2003

remove all traces of nero, the re install 5.5.9 working version.
Long shot but it may help.


Try a system restore point? Its worth a go surely?

Hope that gives you food for thought, and a help?!

  gandalf241171 18:05 08 Feb 2003

Nero re-installed to no avail. System restore not an option.

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 18:11 08 Feb 2003

hmm, a bit of clue lies here "All apps disabled to no avail. Seems like system hangs as hard disk runs none stop and can only fix by a 15 minute Windows shutdown or pull the plug"

How much hard drive space have you got left? check the size of the swap file also, if you have changed it to a smaller size than default this maybe your problem, burning cd's take a lot of temp memory as it is held in cache file first before going onto the cd hence buffer over/under run software. Worth looking at before you start mucking around with un/re-installing.

ps, Nero don't like other burning software e.g clone cd being loaded along side!!

  gandalf241171 18:35 08 Feb 2003

Thanks for the suggestions.

Win XP Pagefile was at 768MB, is this enough for Nero. HD has 14.5GB of free space. Also have 512MB of 2100 DDR in system.

Will need to change swapfile if 768MB is not enough for caching a CD Burn ?

  Stuartli 18:57 08 Feb 2003

You have ample memory in both cases as minimum is 64MB of RAM and 700MB of free HDD space.

Have you defragged your HDD regularly - using drive images means that this is necessary on a regular basis.

Other burning software, as pointed out, is not liked by Nero.

Other possibilities are to burn at a slower speed, try different types of CD-R and CD-RW disks and, finally, to check whether it is actually the rewriter which is faulty - their lifespan is not a long one compared to CD/DVD-ROM drives.

If this is the case try click here - I acquired a Cyberdrive 36x12xx32x rewriter for a friend last week for £29.99 plus a little over a fiver for p and p. It might still have some left.

Ironically it was exactly the same rewriter as he had before (badged BCE), but a faster version and rebadged by Cyberdrive (the 36x write speed listed is correct).

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