CD/DVD ROM drive will not read DVD's.

  MagentaMagic 19:15 04 Mar 2009

I'm sorry, I'm sure this problem has been reported on more than one occasion but I can't find anything that helps me when browsing through the threads...

Okay, I have no idea about laptops and technical speak so apologies if I sound a bit simple!!

I have a Compaq Presario C500 with a dual cd/dvd rom drive. I am operating on Vista Home Premium (64bit I think).

Yesterday I put the Sims 2 (which is running all expansions except one and is the DVD rom version) in for my neice and the disk would not load up. The drive whirred for a bit like it was starting up, then clicked for a second and then gave up. I had had this game in the night before whilst looking after my neice and it was working just fine. So I tried an audio CD and a short movie DVD and they both worked fine but, despite hours of trying, still had no luck with the game.

I tried it again today and the drive will still not read it only now it will not read any DVD at all, although audio CD's work just fine.

I have checked Device Manager and it is stated that the cd/dvd rom drive and it's controllers are working okay. I uninstalled and reinstalled them anyway but this made no difference. Then I reset BIOS to default state and this made no difference. I then updated all my drivers but nothing is working!!!

I do have custom content installed for the Sims game but after downloading and installing into the game the night before last I loaded it up to check that gameplay was not glitchy and everything was working. So I am assuming it is not that and rather a problem with the drive itself. But what??

I am hoping that I am not going to be told that I need to have the drive replaced and that is is something that has just gone wrong that I may be able to fix myself...

When I turned the laptop on to start the Sims up last night my partner was the last person to use the computer and he had shut it down correctly. Yet when I switched the power on I got a black screen and a menu asking me which operating system I would like to run off... I selected Vista as this is the only option available... Is it likely that this may have something to do with it?? I am just confused as we have had no problems with the drive at all until yesterday and we have never had a screen asking which operating system we would like to use and now the drive will only accept audio cd's...

Any ideas would be most welcomed.


  MAT ALAN 19:35 04 Mar 2009

CD and DvD lasers run at difetent wavelengths it might be that the DvD part of the pickup head is busted...

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