CD/DVD Player not reading Film on DVD

  Solartopi 17:04 08 Oct 2006

Hi Folks,

I wonder if the above Subject will be allowed on PC Advisor HELP FORUM.

Anyway I do need some Help please.

My Sony CD/DVD player is not playing the DVDs I put in.

I have checked all connections, all seem to be Okay.

NTL have changed all their Channel Numbers, would that have an effect on playing a DVD?

Please Hep



  Fingees 17:31 08 Oct 2006

It shouldn't matter.

How is your player connected?

If it's by scart, make sure it is pushed fully home.

If its by RF ie tuner, then make sure you haven't retuned the player to another channel.

I would suggest, you read the manual for the player, together with your TV manual and re instal exactly as it says.
it may help

  Solartopi 17:57 08 Oct 2006

Thanks!!! I shall check the scart again. Yes, I shall read both manualsonce again.


  skidzy 17:59 08 Oct 2006

NTL Fingees says,will make no difference at all.

Look on your remote control for an AV button,insert the disc and press play now alternate between the AV's availble.
You may have to tune the tv to the dvd player,and if you have a RGB scart socket,use this direct to the dvd player.

If as you say,it will not play the discs,it may have a read error therefore it may be the region of the discs. If the player is not multi region or the media is not compatible,especially if this media is something you have burn't on the pc.

  Solartopi 19:05 08 Oct 2006


The Scart Socket that came with the machine, one end is connected to the CD/DVD player, the other to my TVs AUDIO/VideoIn. One White & the other Red Leads goes into the Cd/DVD Player the other two White & Red into the TV just next to the Scart.

It was okay before, till today when I tried to play The Daily Mails free DVD. I have tried other DVDs too, don't work.

My son set up this CD/DVD Player for us he must have tuned the TV to the DVD Player then. Would he have chosen a particular Channel Number? If so NTL have changed their Channel Numbers recently, then that particular Channel Number is no more, could that be the case for this problem.

AV Button can't find one on my DVD Player Remote Control.

Thanks for the info.


  Fingees 19:07 08 Oct 2006

It will be the YV remote control

  Fingees 19:08 08 Oct 2006

That should be TV.

All the best.

  skidzy 19:23 08 Oct 2006

Red and white leads are the phono leads,you should not have to use these if using a scart lead Solartopi.These leads should only apply if you have no scart sockets available or using a s-lead.

As Fingees has pointed out the AV button will be located on your TV remote control.

I would suggest you:

1) insert the dvd and press play.

2) now find a free channel on your tv (possibly 6)

3) find your Tv manual and now search via the tuning the dvd that is playing,and store the selected channel number.

4) NTL channels will have nothing to do with the tuning of the dvd player,but do not select the channel that supplies you with NTL tv.

5) you should now have the dvd channel tuned to your tv.

Normally setting up a dvd player requires no tuning,only selecting the correct AV channel on the tv remote,though some do need to be tuned occasionly.

  Solartopi 20:29 08 Oct 2006

Fingees & skidzy,

Got it!!!! Hurrah!!!!

A Million Thanks to you both.

What a wonderful Forum. What would folks like me do without all you kind hearted souls out there.
You give your time & knowledge so freely to Help.

'Never in life of any Forum has so much Knowledge been given so Freely ...'


  skidzy 20:42 08 Oct 2006

Thanks Solartopi :-)))

'Never in life of any Forum has so much Knowledge been given so Freely ...'

So true,we all get problems now and again and this site solves almost everything very quickly.

Its a pleasure Solartopi.

  Solartopi 10:57 09 Oct 2006


Yes, it's so wonderful to know there is always someone to Help & solve the Problems.

Thanks with great Pleasure


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