CD/DVD Formats - Confused!!!

  SHAYNE 19:13 28 Dec 2006

Hi all

Can I burn music to DVD +r cd's? I have Nero v6 s/w and a NEC ND-3500AG drive. I thought I could use DVD cd for both DVD & music, but am getting incompatible format error messages (or is it the drive??!)

Can any one shed some light?

Many thanks

  anskyber 19:19 28 Dec 2006

Hard to know where to start. I assume you mean DVD's which although compact discs in size are not CD's by definition.

It is more than possible your could have (depending on the age of your PC) a DVD drive which is not a DVD drive or only takes DVD - R. Unlikely but possible. I'll try to check.

  anskyber 19:27 28 Dec 2006

You seem to have a drive which should record DVD +R OK.

  SHAYNE 19:36 28 Dec 2006

If it helps, The full description of the drive displayed by Nero is: DVD_RW ND-3500AG [CD-R/RW]


  SANTOS7 19:44 28 Dec 2006


16x/4x/16x DVD+RW, 16x/4x/16x DVD-RW, 4x DVD+R DL, 48x/24x/48x CD-RW

  SHAYNE 19:51 28 Dec 2006


Does that mean if the disc has 1x-8x it won't work?

  postie24 20:04 28 Dec 2006

It will still work,it just means the disc will burn at 4x

  SHAYNE 20:53 28 Dec 2006

When I try to burn using Nero I get the following message:
"Sorry, your compilation cannot bve written on this kind of disk. Insert a disc of the correct type or modify the seetings of your compilation"

Disc required for compilation: CD - R/RW
Disc type in the recorder: DVD +R
Can any one tell me where to set the disc type??

  SANTOS7 21:01 28 Dec 2006

you are trying to burn music (i assume to a DvD) that is the problem, the best removable media for burning music to is CD,

  SHAYNE 21:13 28 Dec 2006

So I need to buy discs with 'CD on the label for audia & dvd for film?

Thank you Santos

  SANTOS7 21:33 28 Dec 2006

Basically yes,maybe a lot of trial and error first, my advice would be to buy the cheapest CDs you can find (CD-ROM) are compat,

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