CD/DVD burning apps preventing game installs?

  popnottop 19:33 18 Dec 2005

I recently had a couple of trips back and forwards to a high street shop. The first copy of Railroadtycoon 3 installed successfully but the play disk was not recognised. The replacement cds had different symtoms, the install disk setup.exe would show up in the task manager but no subsequent cd reading activity would occur.

Has any other people discovered problems with new software's copy protection preventing new installs potentially due to over zealous copyright protection?

  PA28 19:46 18 Dec 2005

Yes - I had this with FS2004, though I'm not sure that it had anything to do with copy protection. Go into Device Manager and find your IDE Controller (this is easy to accomplish using "view by connection" mode; it'll have your drives hanging on the end of it). Select the channel that your CD/DVD drive is on (most have it on secondary - you'll know) and have a look at the transfer mode. I solved all my problems by amending this from "BIOS default" to "PIO Mode".

  Totally-braindead 20:13 18 Dec 2005

I don't know if the CD burning applications are what have caused your problems. I have certainly seen this for example FEAR and Need for Speed Underground 2 will not let you play the game if certain copying software is detected but the error message that comes up is always something like " Game emulation software detected please disable". The errors you seem to have had would be more likely to be faulty disks and if that is the case I would consider you to be most unfortunate to have had 2 games disk that were faulty.

  citadel 22:08 18 Dec 2005

I have never had a problem with any game including recent games fear and cod2. I only have nero installed.

  Totally-braindead 12:30 19 Dec 2005

citadel it comes up with this warning if you have things like a virtual drive installed or programs like Clone CD. Nero does not cause this error message to appear neither does CD Creator or many other burning progs. What I have to do is delete the offending program to play the game, in my case Clone CD and reinstall it when I want to use it again.

  popnottop 19:54 19 Dec 2005

It is Nero that I have installed. I am inclined to believe it was faulty cds.

  PA28 20:01 19 Dec 2005

I also have Nero 6 but it hasn't caused me any problems that I've noticed.

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