CD Writing Wizard Windows XP

  Umbrella 22:54 15 Jan 2004

After i send a file to CD,and reinsert the CD,i lose all my data that i sent and the CD becomes unusable.
Can anybody tell me if i'm doing something wrong,and if so what?.

  billyliv 00:24 16 Jan 2004

Hi, Explain what you mean by re-inserting your CD. Normal procedure is - highlight your file, Send to ? drive. You will then get a balloon saying that you have Files waiting to be written to CD. Click on the balloon and your file will appear in the CD writing wizard page. On the Left hand side you will have a box which says 'Write to CD', Put your blank CD into your writer and then click on 'Write to CD' The XP writer now takes over. Cheers, Bill

  hugh-265156 03:28 16 Jan 2004

if the burn process goes ok but when you try to view the contents of the disc afterwards and cannot it may just be the recordable discs you are using are not fully supported by your drive.

try a different brand of cdr.

try lowering the recording speed.

sometimes i find with difficult to read discs if you hold the shift key down to stop it autorunning when closing the tray it may work and let you have access via my computer/right click drive/explore.

  Umbrella 19:16 16 Jan 2004

I do all that and when i replace my cd in the drive to view the contents it wipes the disc clean.
Any other ideas please.

  Umbrella 19:24 16 Jan 2004

Thank's i've just tried that,but still cannot find files that i put on there.
If there is nothing wrong with the wizard,and i'm not doing anything wrong,then the only other thing to do is as you say,change my brand of cd.

  billyliv 19:17 18 Jan 2004

Hi, Before you write your files, right click on the file to be written, click on properties and check that your attributes are not ticked hidden. Cheers, Bill

  Umbrella 01:02 19 Jan 2004

Thank's Bill,i can't check the files i've lost,but i will definitely remember that in the future.

  billyliv 10:14 19 Jan 2004

Hi, What I really meant you to do was select any file to write to disc, Right click on it and check the properties. You don't need to write the file, clear the temporary files in the left hand pane. Cheers, Bill

  Umbrella 12:39 19 Jan 2004

Cheer's Bill.But i can't find the clear temporary files in the left hand pane.

  hugh-265156 12:52 19 Jan 2004

billyliv above means try:

send your file to cd drive then click the files waiting to be written balloon.

next right click your file/s and click properties,make sure the hidden and read only boxes are not ticked(for a description click the ? and then click the boxes)

thats all.

if you are just checking the above and not writing the files then click file/delete temporary files

  Umbrella 13:00 20 Jan 2004

Thanks huggy71.
BY jove i think he's got it.

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