CD writing program not xp compatible

  tolly2 10:42 29 Jan 2004

A colleage at work has this problem-
His new pc running windows XP won't read any CDr's written on his CDRW drive when it was in his old pc. Neither will it load his old cd writing program.(not xp compatible)

I have suggested that he re-installs the CDrw drive back in his old pc (which ran Win98)to get the info off the CDr's. He's not keen to open up his new pc.

Does anyone have any ideas?

  Hyperangelic 10:51 29 Jan 2004

If the program is still going, there may be an update available for XP.

What program is he trying to read them in? Most CDs should be readable on any PC - if they are normal data CDs with normal closure etc.

  plsndrs3 11:08 29 Jan 2004

I agree with Hyperangelic - there should be no read issues with the disks, unless the driver for the CD-RW unit also needs updating. Can this read other CDs [like cover disks, for example].

With reference to the software, it is possible to set XP to run this particular program as Win98 by right-clicking the icon, choosing properties & setting in compatability tab - but if the driver needs updating this must be your first job.

What CDRW unit is it?


  tolly2 11:57 30 Jan 2004

It seems as if the CD's in question are multi-session and haven't been finalised. I assume that this is why they can't be read by other programs.
The program he used was easy CD creator. He is going to try the compatability mode in XP.

The CDRW drive works fine with other disks.

  plsndrs3 14:10 30 Jan 2004

I use Nero 5, regularly burn multi-session disks & have never had an issue accessing these before they are finalised. Indeed, I don't bother to finalise the discs on many occassions but still access the information I have burned onto the CD-R using Windows Explorer.

Can he burn other disks? If so, then this is most likely a compatability issue. If not then a driver update would be my guess.



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