Cd writer problems

  triflesterms 18:40 18 Jan 2004

Just installed my cd writer combo, i havent been able to make a perfect copy of a cd, everytime i get scratchy noises, either right at the start or somewhere else on the cd. Ive tried burning on lowest speed & i still get the scratches. Im using nero express & windows xp pro.

Hope you can help


  jim1947 19:01 18 Jan 2004

Try copying to hard drive first, then onto CD.

  triflesterms 19:23 18 Jan 2004

It takes longer to copy to hard drive then to cd, there must be a way of copying straight from cd without the scratches.

any ideas?


  tomtom15 13:49 19 Jan 2004

Have the audio files come in Mp3's that you eithe write to, or convert to Wav. format then write?

I am finding alot half way encoded with this noise, or ones that fade out mid track. If you take directly from the original CD, then make sure it has not got any flaws on it's surface, I have found such seem to be magnified when a copy is made and errors made.

Other than this, it might be as the CD is being copied, your machines memory takes a bashing, and it may then struggle to continue to write perfectly from one to the other, though I suspect this is not the case as you still get this when you copy to the HD then to the CD.

  triflesterms 09:08 20 Jan 2004

Ive tried it with new cds, with new cd copies the scratchy sounds are right at the start of the 1st track, im not to sure about my machines memory, i have a 800mhz amd duron & 256mb ram.
Not sure if this will help much, im clutching at straws in a desperate attempt to get this sorted.

Hope you can still help.

  tomtom15 14:58 20 Jan 2004

The only other thoughts having asked around is this. Has this happened since day one of installing the CD Burner? If so, it might well simply be the fact your CD drive has an error, where by the burning process begins, before the CD has reached speed. This would explain why it happens only at the start of track 1 but not through the the rest of the track, or the CD. To test this, burn on an RW Rom a track, play it, then see if you have the noise. Burn a seperate track see if it happens again, then burn say 2 see then if you only get it at the begining of the first track, but not say track 2.

If it all has happened after you had installed them and they had worked fine, then it might not be the Rom drive. Even if you CD rom drive is past it's 12 month warrenty, you have the right to a product that will last a time that is deemed it should upon being made. Thus a washing machine should last 5 years without faults, if one happens, you have the right, if the fault is not your doing to have it repaired by the maker, nothing to do with the shop, but as they sold it, you should put the onus on them to sort it.

Point? Take the CD Drive back, as long as you have not damaged it, demand they test it, or be sent to be tested. If there is a fault that can be shown was not anything you could have made happen, they should legally repair or replace it. If no fault is found you then know it is not the drive, and maybe software you use to burn the CDs etc.

Sorry to go on, hope it might help even if your washing machine went wrong.

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