cd writer not writing

  silverfoxx 21:45 02 Jan 2007

my interior cd writer decided not to recognise any blank discs so I bought a new one and the same thing happened. I then decided to buy an exterior writer but I still have the same problem. My dvd writer is doing the same thing. I have tried Nero, Cheetha, Real Player, Windows Media and they all refuse to recognise the blank discs on any of my writers, I have three. When I take the blanks to my laptop, there isn't any problem. I have asked all the computer buffs I know and nobody has heard of this problem before.
Does anybody have any ideas ? I feel that the problem is with my computer but what do I know. Nothing

  STREETWORK 22:43 02 Jan 2007

Go into device manager and check to see if your drives are actually installed

Control Panel - System - Hardware tab - Device Manager.

If they are there listed and functioning correctly then do a driver update from the manufacturers website.

Can you read other disks in the drives?

  GroupFC 23:02 02 Jan 2007

Have a look at this and see if it helps

click here

  Stuartli 00:00 03 Jan 2007

Optical drives use the basic Windows CDROM driver, which is automatically installed when you reboot after installing a drive.

A rewriter's functions are controlled by burning software.

It just might be that your drive requires a firmware upgrade, but unlikely.

Also check that DMA is Enabled for the drive from Device Manager>IDE Controllers>Secondary IDE Channel (highlight)>Advanced settings.

  silverfoxx 10:25 03 Jan 2007

Thank you. I've tried the suggestion that have been made but no luck so far. The three writers that I have can read, install and play, they just don't recognise a blank disc when it is put into any of the machines therefore can't write. I hope this makes things a little bit clearer

  postie24 15:54 03 Jan 2007

Have you uninstalled any burning software prior to this problem?


  skidzy 16:07 03 Jan 2007

Restore Missing CD/Dvd Drives/is the drive missing in My Computer ?

Missing cd/dvd drive
If it is showing an error code, 10, 39, etc., delete the drive.

Then follow these directions for clearing the Upper/Lower Filters: (might want to print this out)

1. Click on Start --> Run --> and type in 'regedit' followed by the enter key
2. Expand the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" key (looks like a folder) by double clicking it (or
3. clicking the "+" next to it.)
4. Expand the "SYSTEM" Key
5. Expand the "CurrentControlSet" Key
6. Expand the "Control" Key
7. Expand the "Class" Key
8. Please look for a key containing the following string of letter and numbers:
9. High light this key by left clicking once on it
10. On the right hand side you are looking for "UpperFilters" and "LowerFilters" under the "Name" column, once you find these please delete them by right clicking on them and choosing "delete"
11. Please exit the registry by clicking on the "X" in the top right hand corner of the screen

Reboot your computer

If in any doubt,please create a System Restore point first as you will be editing the registry.

Missing cd/dvd drives are normally associated with the removal of a cd burning programs such as Nero/Roxio etc.

  silverfoxx 21:32 03 Jan 2007

No I haven't deleted any writer programs and I don't get any error messages other than the message to put a blank cd in the machine even though I have put a blank a in the machine. I thought it might be a cabling problem but my exterior writer is a usb connection so I feel that rules that out.

  Rtus 21:48 03 Jan 2007

I believe youve replaced the CDRW burner,have you fitted same make /model . if not be aware they are firmware locked to its bundled software,also if loading another burning software to try ,removal usually leaves behind all sorts of unwanted files.check explorer for traces of the software youve removed. a system restore prior to adding any of that software may help.

  silverfoxx 21:51 03 Jan 2007

Hi Stuartli,
I've just checked the device manager and all the writers are enabled.
Skydsy, I've checked the drivers and they are all there and are up to date.

  skidzy 22:02 03 Jan 2007

Have you actually tried a different media,such as Verbatim/Datawrite/imation etc.....

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