CD Writer drive problems

  lindyloo4 12:00 31 May 2003

Where do I begin ? Firstly the drawer will not open when pressing the button but will open when going through My Computer selecting the drive then clicking eject.It will also open if the button is pressed as soon as the power is turned on and nothing has loaded.
When it closes again it thinks there is a disc in (little light flashing) and everything freezes.
I've been looking at previous threads and tried removing the drive through Device Manager and rebooting but without success.
No problems with my CD Rom drive.
I'm running Win Me. Any ideas please.

  ray27 12:26 31 May 2003

I know this may not be of any help to you but I am having similar problems with my system.
Its only 4 months old and the OS is Windows XP Home.

The support people have diagnosed the hard drive as being faulty.

When I reinstalled Windows just after delivery I did not know that I had to install the Mother board drivers so I omitted them.
The support people said that would have caused problems with the CD-RW.

One of the problems is that I have to eject the disk from the My Computer Menu.

So maybe you have a problem with the driver but don’t take my word for it as I am
fairly new to the game

Best of luck

  lindyloo4 09:24 01 Jun 2003

Thanks for the reply. Think the drive is ok. Did a check through Device Manager (if that's what you do) and it said it was fine.



  Kryten 09:32 01 Jun 2003

Try making sure the DMA for the CD-RW drive is dissabled and then try the drive after re-booting.

  lindyloo4 10:49 01 Jun 2003

Tried it but didn't alter a thing I'm afraid.

  DieSse 14:40 01 Jun 2003

It is possible the drive is faulty - If it thinks it has a disk in when it hasn't, it would give the symptoms you describe.

When you choose a software eject via My Computer - do you get a Nero or Easy Cd, or any other message about ejecting as you would if there really was a disk in the drive?

Checking via Device Manager shows you that the correct sofwtare is installed and enabled and the drive has been detected - but does not tell you if the drive is actually working.

  lindyloo4 17:02 01 Jun 2003

No, I don't get any message - it just opens.

Any more ideas please?


  lindyloo4 06:50 02 Jun 2003


Going to work now but will look again tonight.


  Newuser4165 08:46 02 Jun 2003

Do you by any chance have Direcdt CD or InCD packet writing software installed - both of these software packages hijack the drive .You can only open them by clicking on the Incd /Direct cd icon on the taskbar.It is to prevent you from attempting to open the drive whilst it is writing data to the disk.

  lindyloo4 17:15 02 Jun 2003

No I don't have either. I use Easy CD creator that came ready installed.


  citadel 18:20 02 Jun 2003

I recently had touble with a cd/rw drive, freezing etc. After wasting a lot of time trying to sort it out, I just bought a new drive and the problems were over.

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