CD won't run

  Andsome 18:07 23 Jan 2003
  Andsome 18:07 23 Jan 2003

I have just taken delivery of my new computer. It has Nero CD burning software. I have never used CD burning before. I have just copied a music CD, and it plays perfectly on the computer, but will not play on my Arcam Alpha 6 CD player. Any suggestions please? I told the program to copy entire CD.

  powerless 18:19 23 Jan 2003

If its an old CD player it wont play.

Also CD-RW's i have found only play in mdoern CD/DVD players...

Whereas CD-R's will play in older CD players.

I found that CD-R's are the best and CD-R's having a Blue shiny surface help.

  cheapskate2k 18:31 23 Jan 2003

Ive got an arcam cd72 and it plays cdrs fine, I cant expect the transport in yours will be a great deal different. For cdrs to play in cd players the disks have to be finalised, you may need to check that in nero, it may be writing a multi-session disk which wont be finalised.

  Andsome 18:42 23 Jan 2003

Thanks for the replies. I will have to look into this more carefully and see what I did. The CD in question is TDK CD-R80. I don't mind having another go even if it wastes another CD, they were cheap enough.

  Stuartli 19:25 23 Jan 2003

There's no reason why an exact copy of a music CD won't play on any CD player if the original does.

Are you sure that you allowed Nero to complete the burning process fully? A panel will come up about 15 seconds or so after the actual burning to say that it has been completed.

  Andsome 19:35 23 Jan 2003

POSITIVE. As I say it will run in the computer

  Andsome 08:52 24 Jan 2003


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 09:19 24 Jan 2003

You could try cleaning the cd lens in cd player i had trouble with mine not playing cd's i burned but after i cleaned it it played em all.


  recap 10:05 24 Jan 2003

Andsome, If you didn't select the correct recording file type then it would only play on certain music player. .Wav would be the best for this I believe.

  Andsome 10:38 24 Jan 2003

Many thanks to those who replied. I believe that I have the problem solved now. I think that in the first instance I recorded at 52X but the CDR stated a maximum of 48X. It played on the computer but not on my player, and also NOT on a small portable player. The CD that I was copying was in itself a copy. I retried coying at 32X speed with the same results, so I can only conclude that copies of copies may not be succesful. I have since recorded from an original CD with perfect results at 32X.

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