cd will not run

  rocketbob 12:31 22 Feb 2012

i have just brought a cd for a workshop manual for a van, when i put into the cd/dvd drive it does not run and i have ticked the autorun box for that drive

  Ian in Northampton 12:43 22 Feb 2012

Does it show up in Windows Explorer? And if it does, is there a 'start.exe' file or similar that you can double click on?

  rocketbob 20:09 22 Feb 2012

hi ian can not find it when i click on dvd drive i can hear the disc running i am at a dead end.

  markd71 20:16 22 Feb 2012

Try another cd and see what happens ! Did you buy from e-bay ?

  rocketbob 21:29 22 Feb 2012

put music cd in played ok. brought it on e bay

  Strawballs 21:32 22 Feb 2012

Maybe it's a DVD try a different DVD in the drive

  markd71 00:11 23 Feb 2012

You've been had ! what van ? year / model /make & what you need to know.. e-bay is a penetentiary on-line

  lotvic 02:31 23 Feb 2012

If when you Explore the contents of the CD you can't find a 'start.exe' file, what files can you see?

  Ian in Northampton 08:22 23 Feb 2012

Lotvic: I sense from what the OP said, nothing at all is showing in Explorer.

Rocketbob: if other CDs and DVDs work OK in the drive, I suspect you have a faulty one. Contact the eBay seller and ask for another one. If for some reason he/she won't play ball, raise a dispute.

Markd71: in the interests of balance, I should say that I've done 400+ transactions on eBay, with only two problems - both of which were resolved by eBay/PayPal to my satisfaction.

  rocketbob 12:40 23 Feb 2012

e bay seller sending a new disc. thanks all.

  rocketbob 12:40 23 Feb 2012

e bay seller sending a new disc. thanks all.

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