joe95 12:48 25 Aug 2004

at the back end of 03 I purchased a new PC with xp home and Nero 6 up to then had used 98se and backed up everything onto cd-rws using the same discs for 4yrs with Adaptec no problems.

Now with xp have a lot of problems. I had some unused discs and tried to use them they were refused ie said scratched or not suitable, jiggered re-writer and had to buy another.My wife still uses the old discs on the old PC.

Posted here had numerous hints and advice but never really got to the btm of it.Tried using cd-rs with mixed results.

I have bought some new Datawrite cd-rws to try and perhaps solve this problem once and for all.

Can anyone lead me by the hand please.
I have Nero 6 software.
Thanks in anticipation

  mgmcc 12:57 25 Aug 2004

It might help to disable Windows' built-in CD writing in case that is conflicting with Nero. Right click your CD-RW drive, select Properties then the Recording tab. Untick the box "Enable CD recording on this drive".

Otherwise, you already know how to burn CDs so there's nothing new.

  joe95 13:03 25 Aug 2004

will this affect my use of Quicken when I use the back-up from there?

  Stuartli 13:37 25 Aug 2004

Because of the technology used, CD-RWs are nowhere near as reflective as CD-Rs and often/sometimes prove difficult for drives to read.

You should consider doing your backups using top quality CD-Rs in multisession mode and adding backups to them until each one is full. Finalise each disk when it is full and, for piece of mind, create (and add to) two backup CD-Rs at the same time.

Also keep a full record of what is on each CD-R - it's easy to lose track otherwise.

Another possibility (depending on the size of the files you backup) is a large capacity memory card (SD, MMC, Compact Flash etc) and a read/write card reader or, alternatively, an internal memory card drive.

These are the same size and appearance as a floppy drive and fit in the second FDD bay; adapters can be bought cheaply to take Compact Flash and other cards to use in them.

Backups saved in zip form can easily be done with one of these drives.

  pj123 14:09 25 Aug 2004

I agree entirely with Stuartli. I used to back my data files up on to CD/RWs just using the "drag and drop" system. But because CD/RWs are not that reliable I tried Acronis and backed up to CDRs for a while, but that meant after about a couple of months the previous backups became coasters. I now have a completely different system. See this previous thread. click here

Might be worth a try.

  joe95 14:22 25 Aug 2004

Thanks everyone but I am even more confused.I don't have mountains of stuff to back up.I have a 256 card in my camera any use? also thought of one of those pen drives.
What I can't understand is I used cdrw for 4yrs with 98se and Adaptec and my wife is still using them on the old machine, was I just lucky?
Thanks for your patience.

  Carafaraday 16:14 25 Aug 2004

I think you were unlucky that they don't appeaer to work now. My windows 98 pc gave up recently and I had no bother using my TDK cd rw back-ups on my son's old pc running XP.

I did,however, have major problems with my new pc and DVDs - 'Imation' dvd's didn't work at all, while Sony ones seem ok, so I suspect that all these drives can be a bit picky on occasion. Having been fortunate in being able to recover all my old files, I am going to follow Stuartli's advice and back up to CD r in future.

Stuartli - could you explain what you mean by 'finalise' the cd r? I'm not very sure how to go about that once you have decided at the start of recording the cd to keep it open or 'appendable'. I am using Record Now (which came with the pc).

Sorry, maybe I should have started a new thread with this?

  Stuartli 17:34 25 Aug 2004

I'm referring to Nero with the term Finalise - other burning programs may label it differently.

When you come to the final number of files you are able to burn to a multisession CD-R, you also have to enable Finalise on the Multisession mode tab before burning commences.

Once the burning has been completed, the disk is finalised (i.e. Closed) and no further files can be added.

CD-Rs left Open can't be read by some computers and CD/DVD players, but should be able to be read with a rewriter.

  Stuartli 17:49 25 Aug 2004

There are only a comparatively small number of media manufacturers in the world and the key leaders amongst them include Taiyo Yuden, Kodak, Ricoh, Pioneer, Mitsui and TDK.

Most of the big names rebrand these companies' products under their own name and among them are Imation, Philips, Traxdata and Sony plus others such as Samsung; obviously, Kodak, Ricoh, Taiyo Yuden, Mitsui, Pioneer and TDK also sell disks under their own brand name.

It's exactly the same in the case of blank video tapes - Kodak, for example, has rebranded TDK manufactured tapes in the past.

If you stick to high quality disks - Morrison's (also its new Safeway acquisition), for instance, is still selling Imation 52x CD-Rs in packs of 10 disks with cases at £5.99 or three packs for £10 - you shouldn't go far wrong.

I've never had a coaster with the Imation disks and the high Morrison's turnover means that the stock always comprises recently manufactured media.

  Carafaraday 08:42 26 Aug 2004

Thanks Stuartli - I'll have to move to nero Ithink, as the thing I've got wont 'finalise' after I've started, if you know what I mean. So I either have to do everything in one go and say 'finalise' at the beginning, or leave the cd open for ever and ever.

  Stuartli 09:29 26 Aug 2004

You've obviously not understood - or I've not stated it very clearly - you leave the CD-R Open until you come to the last batch of files being added to it.

Then you enable Finalise (under the Start/Continue Multisession and Add Files enable/disable section).

Once the last files have been added, Nero then Finalises the CD-R and no more can be added to it.

A bar at the bottom of the Nero screen indicates just how much is on the disk and how much it will be filled with each batch of files.

There's no doubt that other burning programs will have a similar feature, but I've only used Nero (and EasyCD Creator in basic form on a friend's laptop) so can't really say how Finalise is expressed on these programs.

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