CD-RW Queries

  TommyRed 13:59 19 Apr 2003

Having just installed a new re-writer and never having one before I've a couple of questions:-

1. What files should I save to re-install at a later date, if I have problems. I was told to burn win98 and the drivers on this forum, would they need to be unzipped, because if I had a problem WinZip wouldn't be available to unzip them. Am I correct in this assumption?

2. Easy one, a CD-RW disc can be re-used about 1000 times, so do you have to format it like a floppy to erase the current files or do you just burn over it. If, say, I had 15 songs on the disc but wanted to put a new playlist of 8 songs, would there still be the rest of the 15 songs after the new 8 had played. I hope that makes sense, it didn't to me when I typed it.

  woodchip 14:33 19 Apr 2003

1. Get Drive Image for your first Prob So you can make a backup of you C:\ drive you will then be up and running if thing's go wrong in just 5 min’s

2 If you have copied some files to a CD you can only use the same way to copy to that CD. But I would suggest that you format CD’s CDR or CDRW then you can just drag and drop files onto CD in Explorer

  pj123 14:39 19 Apr 2003

You have two options with CD/RWs. If you format it using InCD or DirectCd (depending on what burning software you have). If you format it you can use it just like a big, big floppy disk, ie. drag and drop. If you don't format it you can only write to it or delete from it using the burning software you have, ie Neroburn or Roxio EasyCD creator.

ReWrite CDs are not very stable (although I haven't had a problem with them yet!!) so dont put anything that you can't afford to lose on them. I usually back up all my personal documents to CD/RW on two different CDs in case one goes wrong.

You can't generally, backup programmes. If you want to do a complete backup of your computer you would be better off getting Acronis (which was on PC Answers Magazine Free CD Issue 117 for April 2003) and use CD Rs.

  Simsy 16:41 19 Apr 2003

If you format it, using InCD or DirectCD, read/write to it just like a floppy. If you dont format it and use it like a "normal" blank CD, you will only be able to add to it if you wrote to it the first time as "multisession". If you don't do this then the only way you can use it again is to delete the whole thing and make it blank again. Note that if you do this you can of course reformat it to use as a floppy again.

Note also that, with a few modern exceptions, a normal audio CD player wont be able to read the following;

Anything on a CDRW disc, (not reflective enough)

Anything other than CDA files, (i.e. it must have been recorded as an audio CD, not a data CD, so no mp3's)

Any CDR that is not "finalised" (i.e. if you do make use of the "multisession" method it wontbe readable by an audio CD until you have finished writing to it.)

Note also that I know Windows XP has it's own inbuilt CD writing system. I know nothing about that, except that it's different. My information above refers to using proprietery softwar, eg Nero or Roxio.

I hope that helps,



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