coolteentom 18:02 23 Feb 2004

About 2 years ago, I bought an internal CD-RW to go into my system, which I installed, and it worked fine, along with the CD-ROM Drive (which came with the system.)

However, I got a virus on the system, and tried to fix it by reinstalling from Win98SE to first edition. This, however, didn't work, and resulted in the 2 CD Drives to freezing the system when a disk was loaded in either. Since then, I have found that this only happens if there is any CD-writing software installed on the system.

I took the PC to this PC Clinic, who wiped the drive and took off the virus, but they didn't know why the drives weren't working.

I have now installed the system back to Win 98 Second Edition, but the drives still don't work!

Sorry for the long message!

Any ideas would be greatly appreaciated.

Thanks, Tom

  Diodorus Siculus 18:09 23 Feb 2004

Are the drives visible in the Device Manager? Or in the BIOS?

  woodchip 18:11 23 Feb 2004

Run Auto Detect Drives in BIOS

  woodchip 18:12 23 Feb 2004

Also try a new Ribbon cable

  coolteentom 18:22 23 Feb 2004

Thanks for your quick replies!

The Drives were set to 'Auto' in BIOS.

On the Device Manager, the drives are visible.

Not sure what a Ribbon cable is - would I need a new one if both drives function properly as basic CDROM Drives without any copying software??

  coolteentom 18:41 23 Feb 2004

Could the following have anything to do with it?

Hard Drive. Primary Controller - Master Drive.

CD-ROM. Secondary Controller - Master Drive.

CD-RW. Primary Controller - Slave Drive.


  woodchip 20:19 23 Feb 2004

Swap the CD and CDRW round but change the Jumper also, Put the CDRW on the end of the ribbon cable and the CD on the middle connector

  arricarry 20:38 23 Feb 2004

Is it possible that the firmware on the drives is corrupted, can you obtain a firmware upgrade for the drives as a download. Try the CD-RW first as if it is the problem it is possible that this drive is causing the problem.

  coolteentom 21:21 23 Feb 2004

Thanks for your help.

In the system, I've got
a CD-rom, set to Master, at the top
a CD-RW, set to Slave, in the middle,
a Hard Drive, set to Cable Select.

So I swap the 2 cd drives around, keeping all the wiring the same (except for the ribbon cable and middle connector), but change the RW to Master, and the CDROM to slave.

Which are the ribbon and middle connectors??


  coolteentom 21:33 23 Feb 2004

sorry - only just read the last message. I have checked the LG website, and it has got Firmware software, but only for Windows XP, whereas I have Windows 98

  woodchip 22:06 23 Feb 2004

Put the Slave CDrom on the middle connectore as slave do not use Cable Select set the CDRW as Master on the end of the Cable

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