CD-RW killed the hard drive

  Wrinkles 22:40 26 Jan 2004

I went to a friends place to look at his sick PC (Tiny 1Gb CPU, 30Gb hdd, 128Mb RAM, Win ME DVD rom, CD-RW)
It turned out his HDD was dead and despite my ministrations was beyond revival.
I took it home and installed an old 10GB HDD set up the sytem with the restore disk and all was well except the CD-RW tray kept opening and closing when no CD inserted. Insert CD it could not see it. Sudden BSOD. Reboot corrupted data on HDD. Refotmatted HDD on another machine reinstalled (disconnected CD-RW as annoying) restored all OK ran benchmark and burn in tests All OK. remembered CD-RW so reconnected it inserted cd to test. BSOD reboot windows loaded then crashed, reboot Cant find C: drive. Auto detect IDE Cant find Drive, removed drive tried it on another system, dead. I'm not about to try another drive but how is it possible for a CD-RW to kill a HDD.
Any suggestions as to Cause and/or Cure would be appreciated.

  woodchip 22:54 26 Jan 2004

As you say, I would have said not posible, but then I have not had a go with it

  woodchip 22:55 26 Jan 2004

Are they both on the same ribbon cable

  DieSse 23:06 26 Jan 2004

I suppose it's just possible that a strange fault on the interface could cause a component to fail on another device on the same interface.

You did have the system unplugged, not just switched off, when you were plugging and unpluggng cables? Otherwise you could cause the damage this way.

  dfghjkl 23:31 26 Jan 2004

is it a mitsumi?i have got one from a tiny and it sends my settings wild.i wont boot and if i boot in safe mode the cdr is not seen,as an ide drive or a "d" drive,i have tried it in all master/slave combinations,and posted threads on it but it is one of lifes mysterys,i have just ordered a msi 52x32x52 as the mitsumi is dead slow anyway.i hate to give up on anything so good luck.the only thing that i can think of is that it could be unreadable by the pc or even giving corrupt info and confusing the pc,i know ,i am not mad,but what is it?peter

  woodchip 23:37 26 Jan 2004

Recheck the BIOS setting and run Auto Detect Drives

  Wrinkles 23:56 26 Jan 2004

Alway take extreme precautions, with anti static wrist straps. PC Chassis earthed to a purposely installed earth point etc.
Originally (SAMSUNG CD-RW)Slave drive on Secondary IDE channel with DVD ROM, Since tried as Slave on primary IDE, with same results. Have found can boot 1st time with CD-RW connected, after a few minutes tray begins to open and close at frequent but random intervals. Runs various tests, but Place a cd in drive and it appears to attempt to read it however see's nothing, Explorer see's drive but not contents. Within few minutes BSOD. At this point I close down and remove HDD and reformat it.(in order to preserve it, as its my last spare)Previous drives have been killed going beyond this point, present score is 3 and its becoming expensive. I'll probably sling the CD-RW. but I would like to know how and why its doing this. A cure would be nice too. I have tried it on another machine, boots ok but tray opens and closes so quickly removed ( didn't want to risk a 80GB HDD)

  DieSse 23:59 26 Jan 2004

It should be clear by now that the drive is faulty - no amount of testing or asking why is going to fix it - it's simply got an(unusual)

Cut your losses and dump it.

  Wrinkles 19:20 27 Jan 2004

Already dumped. but still curious. I hate it when I don't know what or why something like this happens

  dfghjkl 20:47 27 Jan 2004

me too,my new one is on order already,eta,the week end.peter.

  DieSse 23:43 27 Jan 2004

Why do faults happen? - It's just the nature of the physical world that perfaction is impossible - true randomness is the order of the day.


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