rickimalone 19:23 29 Mar 2004

My CD-RW is playing up on my laptop. When I select files to send to the drive it say's that I have no disk inserted in the drive, when there is.

Even more strange is that everytime I go to "my computer" and look at the specific drive the symbol for a comutershopper cover disk is still the symbol that reprsents the drive even though it has not been in there for days.
Any takers, would be much appreciated as it's now out of warrentee.

  fuzzyone 19:25 29 Mar 2004


you could try uninstalling the drive, in device manager, and let the system reconfigure it when booting up.

  rickimalone 19:31 29 Mar 2004

Trying that right now

  rickimalone 19:41 29 Mar 2004

Did that and it no longer displays the computer shopper symbol.

However the drive can not identify a disk when copying files to drive and requests that I enter one, yet it is able to read disks fine.

  Danny-203598 19:55 29 Mar 2004

This may sound obvious but you haven't accidently got the wrong format discs + instead of -

  rickimalone 20:03 29 Mar 2004

My CD-RW Has CD Rewritable on the front,
The only blank disk I have is an:


Is there a difference between RE-WRITABLE&CD-RECORDABLE??? If not ill get some more disks tommorow as I dont have the wrapper of this disk for anymore info.

Thanks guys.

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