CD-RW drive problem

  hoverman 16:57 03 Jan 2003
  hoverman 16:57 03 Jan 2003

My CD-RW drive has suddenly decided that it will not write to CD, although it can read disks. I am using the latest version of NERO but when I get to the part where I am asked to select the desired burning parameters there is only 2x available. If I start the process WITHOUT a CD in the caddy, I get the full range of speed options from 2x up to 40x. If I select any of the higher speeds, then put a CD in and select Burn, I get the message to say that '....Burn-Proof is Activated' followed by 'Can only select 2x instead of.......'. The burning will eventually fail. All this happens on disks I have already written to so it is not the disks I am using. I have reinstalled the CD-RW drive as well as NERS - all to know avail. Am awaiting a call back back from Evesham Support but I am beginning to think the drive is faulty. In the meantime, anyone have any ideas?

  recap 17:20 03 Jan 2003

It does sound like the drive is at fault hoverman. It might just need a clean though.
What is the make of the drive?

  Diemmess 17:29 03 Jan 2003

Like recap I am gloomy too.... It seems you are doing what you usually do - and so is your software, though it seems canny enough to spot the problem once the disk is in.

A failed unit seems likely... they are probably the most fragile and short lived peripheral.

If it is still within warranty I would fight for a replacement.

  hoverman 17:31 03 Jan 2003

Actually I am unsure of the make. It has BPRec only on the front although I have an idea it is made by Samsung. The drive was replaced about 4 or 5 months ago as the original drive had the same problem. Will get a CD head cleaner to see ifit cures the problem. Fortunately my PC is still under warranty.

  hoverman 17:33 03 Jan 2003

After having problems with two CD-RW drives I am beginning to lose faith in them. Thank heavens I have an Iomega 250Mb zip drive for back-up purposes. Never had problems with Zip disks over many years.

  hoverman 18:00 03 Jan 2003

You were correct - it did need a clean. Borrowed an Allsop CD head cleaner from a neighbour and all works fine. You live and learn.

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