cd-rw drive not writing

  whatsupdoc 21:26 21 Jan 2004

samsung sm-322b cdrw/dvd drive. it will read cd and dvd but wont write cdr or cdrw discs.
windows xp was reinstalled last week but the device manager says all is ok with drivers.

  Jester2K 21:30 21 Jan 2004

"wont write cdr or cdrw discs"

More information please.

What burning software?

What does happen?

What doesn't happen?

Error messsages?

  whatsupdoc 21:35 21 Jan 2004

Ive tried Nero burning, alcohol and windows.
no error messages at all.
i tried it on the neighbours computer and it says corrupt files cannot read. it takes the right amount of time to burn about 6 mins at 12 speed and says disc finished.

  Jester2K 21:46 21 Jan 2004

You'll have to explain in more detail.

"i tried it on the neighbours computer and it says corrupt files cannot read" Is that during burning the CDs or reading them after?

  whatsupdoc 21:50 21 Jan 2004

i tried reading the cds ive burned. ive burned 5 now with different data at different speed for writing and they al show up on the neighbors drive as corrupt. they show up blank onmy cdr drive but on the other drive they show as having the right amount of data just says its corrupt.

  whatsupdoc 23:23 21 Jan 2004

another thing ive noticed now is when i load any cd it shows on my computer as empty when i select properties but when i click on it the data is there but only on pre recorded discs bot not on cdr or cdrwx

  woodchip 23:44 21 Jan 2004

I have a Samsung that i moved to my second computer because of problems like that. so there are now two CDRW in the comp the older one a Yamaha 16x4x4 still work OK. I fitted a Optorite 52x24x52 in place of the Samsung in number one computer it's miles better cost about £25 from Ebuyer with Nero 5.5

  usjeff 23:46 21 Jan 2004

Nero burning, alcohol and windows? If you have More than one burning program installed it will sometimes cause corruption.Nero onwards works well with WinXp Home & Prof versions.Suggest you remove all surplus burning software & load only one then check your Iso settings & retry burning a few files..

  whatsupdoc 00:18 22 Jan 2004

meant to say i thought it was the software so i used windows burner then loaded nero6 then uninstalled nero and tried alchohol.
is having to reinstall xp to blame or coincidence
my xp disc doesnt have drivers specically for this drive so loaded generic cd driver but i couldnt find a driver on xp disc for cdr+w drives

  woodchip 00:28 22 Jan 2004

If you have just put XP on that may be the prob

  whatsupdoc 00:49 22 Jan 2004

it looks like i may have to use a virtual drive for now.. i spend all day on the computer at work with servers but im useless with xp

thanks for your help so far

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