CD-RW Disks Not Reliable

  Pesala 11:08 19 Mar 2005

My CD-RW Drive is fairly old, though it used to work well enough. As is normal, CD-RW disks don't last for more than about 3 months if used for constant backup.

My Drive is:
SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-212B Samsung 12x/8x/32x

I just got some new disks. Memorex CD-RW 4X

Almost usless. Didn't format first time with Adaptec Direct CD. Now formatted OK. Can copy some files, then unrecoverable errors when trying to copy others. Able to read most of the file OK, but unrecoverable error on one.

So what to do? Buy some more disks, or a new drive, or use some different software? I don't burn dozens of disks, but I need a more reliable and convenient backup. CD-R is fine for old stuff, but not suitable for daily backups.

  pj123 11:16 19 Mar 2005

I don't format RWs anymore. I just use them as Multi-session CDs using Nero 6.

Can still delete/move/overwrite and drag-and-drop just the same as if it was formatted, but has to be done in Nero.

Don't know if Adaptec/Roxio is the same though as I have never used it.

  Joe R 11:18 19 Mar 2005


i found out a long while ago, that it is hard going, trying to find 100% compatible CD-RW disks.

CD-R are very cheap, and far more reliable for a back-up.

  jimv7 11:19 19 Mar 2005

Why not use cd-r as back-up, they are cheaper than floppy disks, and you can multi session.

  Fingees 11:20 19 Mar 2005

There is limit to the number of times a disk can be written to. although it's quite high.

It may be worth cleaning your drive with a cleaning disk/solution, as it could vary the amount of burn, from the laser.

Also check when burning you are not running at to fast speed, some disks are a little over rated.
All the best

  Simsy 11:37 19 Mar 2005

an "Imation" CDRW disc that I have been using for nearly 4 years. It has been reformatted a couple of times, but it still seems to work well.

I also have 3 "Office World" discs that hve given no problem.

I use InCD and my current CDRW drive is an msi unit. I previously had 2 Teac units. (Upgraded each time for speed purposes.

Good luck,



  Chegs ® 11:46 19 Mar 2005

I gave up using Roxio burning software,everytime I inserted a CD-RW it would cause the PC to lockup,even CD-RW that HAD been working fine would suddenly report as unreadable.I changed over to Nero 5.5,and the CD-RW's became more user friendly.I rarely use CD-RW's now(or DVD-RW's)as RW discs(particularly DVD-RW's)seem to die by seemly removing the packaging.I bought 10 DVD-RW's(5 + & 5 -)the minus discs are all dead,yet the plus discs are still working fine after 12+ months.I still have 3 CD-RW discs that appear to be indestructable,they are in a very poor condition(scratches/scrapes)yet always work.

I have also altered the way I backup,I have oodles of hdd space,so daily backups go to a partition,system backups go to cdr/dvdr.

  Pesala 12:07 19 Mar 2005

@jimv7 CD-R is better than CD-RW for stuff that doesn't change, but not for daily backups. I backup my current work several times a day.

I checked on the Memorex site and found this documentation: click here

Allegedly nothing wrong with using 4x media in faster drives, but that doesn't match my experience.

There does seem to be a difference between media. Some are compatible and some are not. I have a Packard Bell 4x-10x Compatible CD-RW disk that is currently still working well, though I would hesitate to call it indestructible.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:10 19 Mar 2005

Why not use pen drives for back ups? They are much cheaper in the long run (2GB ones are £80 and much less if you buy from the, do not need moving parts and are easily portable...CDs are so twentieth century ;-)))


  SEASHANTY 12:19 19 Mar 2005

..... or get the LG GSA 4163 drive and use DVD-RAM discs for backup. Supposed to last much longer than DVD-RW (and yes, I know you are discussing CD-RW but assume they are similarly manufactured).

  Pesala 12:33 19 Mar 2005

Nevertheless, Gandlaf's idea makes the most sense.
No need for 2 Gbytes for my daily backup. CD-R is fine for longer term backup, archiving, etc. It makes more sense to spend £20 to £50 on a pen drive than another £10 on CD-RW disks that won't last for more than a year.

So which pen drive is the next question. I have spare USB 1.0 ports.

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