CD-RW Communications Failure

  turnip 60 21:47 22 Apr 2004

I have Just Installed a new CD RW (52x32x52x)
i have installed Nero Express (which Came with the CD RW.
it begins to write to CD but 8% completed and it gives the message 'Communications Failure'.
I reinstalled my old CD RW and it works fine on the same settings . i have checked in Device manager and my CD RW is working correctly.
all the cables are secure. I use WindowsXP Pro.
Can anyone suggest what i can do to rectify this.

  turnip 60 21:49 22 Apr 2004

By the way i have checked the disk speed and i have set the CD RW speed accordingly.

  stalion 22:12 22 Apr 2004

Did you set the jumper on your new cdrw the same as your old one.Regards

  Rtus 22:21 22 Apr 2004

suggestion...your hint at the old unit working correctly still, may be due to you not removing its software that you installed for it. Ive installed lots of these and find some will not work unless you use its own disc for its software that it was bundled with. (differing firmware versions)although still nero however in XP you may even have clashes due to its internal CDRW drivers try removing all traces of Nero past & present versions including the drive from device list and retry instalation.

  turnip 60 23:10 22 Apr 2004

Stalion yes i checked on the jumper and it was set the same as my old one.

Rtus: I will try that and will let you know tomorrow if it works.
much obliged

  turnip 60 16:37 23 Apr 2004

Rtus: I did what you suggested and removed every file to do with Nero. Then then I uninstalled the CD RW and then rebooted everything went great the CD RW installed and then Nero Evpress installed I tried to Write to a disk and once again when it reached 8% it showed as 'Communications Failure'. I am at a loss what to do next.
thanks for your suggestion

  Rtus 22:16 23 Apr 2004

try using Xps writing wizard > Place blank Cdr into drive close tray wait until Win Xp shows window giving choices, choose to open writable folder using windows explorer.then simple copy/paste the folders you want to copy >by starting windowsXP explorer ( Start>all programs> accessories>windows explorer.. navigate to folder select files you want > Copy > return to your writable folder >paste files the choose file menu scroll down to WRITE THOSE FILES TO CD..See what happens then

  Rtus 22:38 23 Apr 2004

After trying above & if by chance it works ok...look at another thought,have you selected the drive under nero properties > start nero cancel any wizards >look at menu bar at top > choose RECORDER > scroll to Choose recorder it should show your Device list 2 listings 1st= image recorder and more importantly the drive you just installed (whatever make that is )i-e Ricoh MP9120 - 0- atapi- 1 ..or similar listing its the second listing that needs highlighting to select it > ok ..If by any chance the drive you have installed is NOT listed there then the software DOES NOT support the drive , which normally indicates its been shipped with the wrong OEM software bundle.

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