Pretzel 21:51 13 Nov 2005

I have this problem with my CD-RW. It won't play my songs when i put the cd in the stereo. I know that sometimes on some stereo's it can't play CD-RW, But i have other CD-RW that i got from my friends and those work. I burned songs from Windows Meida Player, and the burning worked fine. SHould i use another kind of CD? whats the problem?

Thanks, to anyone who can help with this!

  Sharpamatt 07:40 14 Nov 2005

it could be your stero doesnt accept the type of discs

However I think it more likeley your recording then in the incorrect format.

Try getting other software such as Nero, Roxiato, even NTI these give the option to make a music disc. I have never found any disc that doesnt work in any player yet

  woodchip 15:59 14 Nov 2005

The disc as to be Finalised, for it to play. If it's a Re Write disc your player may not support CDRW

  DieSse 17:21 14 Nov 2005

By songs, do you mean audio tracks as per a regular music CD, or mp3 files (which can only be played on some newer davices)??

  Pretzel 23:15 14 Nov 2005

Well they are kinda mixed, but ya there is some mp3 files too

  woodchip 23:28 14 Nov 2005

That may be your problem

  jbp1982 23:30 14 Nov 2005

you need to burn the disc as an audio cd NOT data.

I suggest you use just CDR discs they are quite cheap and more compatible with stereos.

About £3 for 25 on a spindle! about 12p each. shop around.

  Pretzel 23:33 14 Nov 2005

Oh ok.;) So should i have only mp3 files on the list? And on the CD-R ones can I have diffrent files on those?

  Totally-braindead 12:34 15 Nov 2005

You can mix audio files and MP3 files as far as I can remember but it must be burnt as audio not data. CDRW disks will only play on a small list of CD players CDRs are a much better idea but as has been pointed out they must be finalised so that the CD player can actually see the disk. One final thing worth mentioning perhaps, when you burn files from different sources you can sometimes find the volume levels vary enormously meaning you have to turn the music up or down constantly. To solve this, with Nero at least, look for the option to normalise the tracks, this sets the levels of all the songs to the same level though it will take a few minutes to scan all the tracks until its ready to burn the disk. Try a bit of experimenting, as the disks are quite cheap now it won't break the bank.

  DieSse 13:32 15 Nov 2005

Is your stereo capable of playing mp3s??

Are you closing/finalising the CDs when you burn them?? - if you don't then they will definately not play in the stereo whatever you put on them.

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