BRY47 01:05 02 Nov 2004

l bought a new pc am informed in the users guide l need to make some recovery discs, l bought 10 of the cd-rw but its asking for cd-r discs whats the difference please.

  Smegs 01:12 02 Nov 2004

CdRw's, you can format and use them again and again. I think, it's about 1000 times.

CdR's, once it's full, thats it.

  BRY47 01:19 02 Nov 2004

Mmm, so why is the am l being ask for cd-r when the cd-rw l have offered the pc is not used and being rejected if thats all the difference is ?.

  BRY47 01:31 02 Nov 2004

Thanks Smegs, l will try again to copy to the discs, later.

  User-312386 01:49 02 Nov 2004

For recovery cd-rw discs are to unstable

  BRY47 08:49 02 Nov 2004

l still am not sure about this according to the spec of the pc, l have a Cd-rw combo, so if its a RW it should Burn the disc its being offered, and not ask for a CD-R, l would think though in this case l will go and buy Some CR-Rs if they cannot be written over again l dont want my Grandaughter wtiting over them once l have managed to get the drive copied to disc do l.

  g0slp 10:25 02 Nov 2004

Don't worry, your writer will do CD-R discs as well as CD-RW.

As madboy33©® says, the -R discs are more stable than -RW ones, hence the reason that you use them for this backup.

Just be sure to keep them safe once you've burnt them.

  BRY47 13:11 02 Nov 2004

Thanks to all that helped. all now ok and copies of all data done and stored.

  Stuartli 13:58 02 Nov 2004

You can avoid unnecessary waste of CD-Rs by using multisession mode until each disk is full.

Both Nero and EasyCD have multisession mode ability but it's essential to keep an accurate record of what's on each disk, otherwise you will get very frustrated...:-)

If you do use multisession mode, only Finalise the disk at the beginning of the final burning session.

Also use a Folder name for each multisession disk that makes sense - if that makes sense...:-)

Mine are labelled Various, Various1, Various2 etc.

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