bogs 19:13 25 Jun 2004

Can anyone please tell me what I have to do to change a CD-RW from read only to multi read. At the moment I'm unable to save any changes to text which was why I bought them in the first place

I'm using XP 512 RAM

  SANTOS7 19:22 25 Jun 2004

click here some usefull info here, hope it helps

  Pesala 19:26 25 Jun 2004

If you're using Adaptec you have to format it using Direct CD. If you're using Nero, I believe it is called InCD. This enables one to drag and drop files like using a floppy disk.

CD-RW disk don't last that long. Maybe 3 months or so if you use them, like I do, for quick and dirty backup. I leave one disk in the drive all the time. Just scrap them and start a new one when they start to fail. Always keep at least two fairly recent backups.

Zipping files first into an archive makes copying much faster. Lots of small files takes ages; one big one is quick.

Quality of media seems to make a difference to how long they last.

  Glyn-252301 19:59 25 Jun 2004

I am still using Ricoh CD/RW discs that I purchased over 2 years ago. They are used and abused daily and have only binned one in all that time.

  Pesala 20:58 25 Jun 2004

I've tried Packard Bell, TDK, BASF, Emtec. So far Packard Bell seem the best so far. My drive is a SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-212B 12x/8x/32x now nearly 3 years old.

  Glyn-252301 15:31 26 Jun 2004

I was using Plexwriter 12/10/32A which has been a steady workhorse and the first dependable writer for me. Have built a new Mobo and have purchased the AOpen DVD 8x, the speed is fantastic and of course no coasters. My first writer gave me 9 coasters out of 10 I wont reveal the make as danger has passed. As you say "Maybe the drive"
It can be a lottery, but I always use the mags. guides. Regards G.

  Glyn-252301 15:34 26 Jun 2004

Sorry for hijacking your thread.

  portofcall 19:34 26 Jun 2004

Am trying to put 1000mb movie on cd rw (nero) but am not sure how to multi-disc carryover. I can put 600+ but am not sure exactly what I need to do to record whole film on the two cd rw discs. Any insight is always appreciated.

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