cd-r/ discs

  zinnie 16:28 07 Feb 2003

anybody out there with any experience of burning
audio discs on a cd-r/rw device for playing on a
normal cd player.

I have heard that if you use rewritable discs(rw)
it rarely works but if you use recordable discs(r)
it usually does.

  AndySD 16:30 07 Feb 2003

You heard correctly

  €dstow 16:47 07 Feb 2003

CDRWs are, for the most part more trouble than they're worth. I won't allow them near my computers.

CDRs are so cheap now that it's not worthwhile bothering with the rewritables.


  zinnie 19:09 07 Feb 2003

thanks AndySD and Cdstow for your input

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