CD-R/RW & DVD-Rom Drive Problem

  Giggle n' Bits 20:41 23 Feb 2003

I have a LG Model No.GCE-8480B CD-R/RW drive which is Slaved off the a DVD Model No.LG GDR-8161B Jumpers are set correctly!.

The HDD is on EIDE1 & DVD/CDwtr Drives on EIDE 2

When I connect the CDwtr to slave off the DVD Drive the DVD drive is slug slow to respond to open the draw tray, auto-play Audio or DVD's and on occassions sometime the drive door will not open at all (Paperclip to eject).

Also it can cause major lock/freeze in win98 but no yellow exclamation marks show.

If I disconnect the Ribbon from Rear of CDwtr so just DVD is on EIDE2 there is no problem.

I have also tried to Slave the CDwrtr off HDD still no better.

Has anyone had or got a problem with/like this using a LG CD-R/RW Drive Model No.GCE-8400B

PLEASE help or is this a faulty drive ?.

The drive was purchased in a special offer from PCW maybe the drives are deffective or something major wrong ?.

  cream. 21:21 23 Feb 2003

What happens if you disconnect your DVD drive and run the cdrw as secondary slave.

Does it have a problem?

  Hunte® 21:40 23 Feb 2003

Make sure you are using a UDMA66 cable. Many problems with DVD and CDRW drives can be solved by the use of UDMA cables.

  DieSse 23:30 23 Feb 2003

Optical drives can have very picky setting preferences. try putting the CD-R/RW as Master, and the DVD as Slave - this would be the conventional "best" setting.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:54 23 Feb 2003

and dissapeared totally in windows and in bios, will not detect it at all. The DVD alone on secodary IDE is being picky just playing a Audio CD. Seems like Auto play is up the wall or the motherboard controller or the Ribbon as mentioned above.

Will try first to correct and get just the DVD drive working without locking up windows.

Thanks all above for the imput and especially my mate the Village Idiot.


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